Our Father (2022 series)

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Our Father is a 2022 Netflix documentary series about Dr. Donald Cline, an Idianapolis, Indiana physician who sexually violated at least 96 of his female patients and impregnated them with his sperm. The local prosecutor, Tim Delaney, refused to charge … Continued

Meltdown: Three Miles Island (2022 series)

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Meltdown: Three Mile Island is a 2022 series about the nuclear meltdown accident at Three Miles Island in Middletown, Pennsylvania. 6/10 stars. I’m sure the director wanted to include both sides of the story, but including any commentary from Lake … Continued

Murder Among the Mormons 2021 Series

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Murder Among the Mormons is a 2021 Netflix series about the Mark Hoffman bombings/murders that took place in October of 1985.  He was a forger who specialized in fabricating Mormon historical documents for millions of dollars. 5 out of 10 … Continued

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