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Zentangle Dingbatz by Brian Crimmins

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Zentangle Dingbatz by Brian Crimmins is yet another zentangle book. It’s shocking the shear number of books produced by the Zentangle franchise and they are all repeats of the same material.

2 out of 10 stars. Crimmins is a self-professed artist but there was almost no art in this book. The few one inch square photos were disappointing. 🙁

I am a doodler. I’ve always been a doodler. Haven’t we all? Now there’s an entire franchise who are now trying to copyright and trademark every doodle ever drawn by a four year-old and call it Zentangle. That should terrify everyone. Where does it stop?

This book is another zentangle book in a long line of zentangle books. “Dingbatz” is the author’s words for frames–either partial frames, framed objects, or full frames that you draw around doodles. That’s it. Ho hum. Yep, I’ve been doing that for decades. Next.

So let’s look at what’s really in this book. 1. TONS of white space. Or as I call it–wasted space. 2. Lots of long-winded descriptions and explanations of the Zentangle brand and why you can only draw their doodles if you give them credit for it. :0 Really? I have kindergarten papers with these doodles on them. (Long before Zentangle ever existed.) 3. Blurry images and images that are one inch square, too small to show much of anything. 4. Workbook pages. In other words, blank pages and more WASTED SPACE. 5. No artwork. The only benefit of buying any zentangle book is to see the artwork and what people are doing with doodles. There’s none of that here.

2 out of 10 stars. Don’t bother.



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