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Young Wallander Season 1 and 2 (2020 series)

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Young Wallander is a prequel to the Wallander series about Swedish detective Kurt Wallander.

8/10 stars for Season 1.  This is graphic in the beginning, but it does get better.

2/10 stars for Season 2.  Hated it.

Season 1 stars with police cadet Kurt Wallander coming upon the scene of a teen boy being bullied near where Kurt lives.  The boy is gagged, tied to a fence, and being ridiculed by other teens who are filming the event.  Then a Middle Eastern man in a black hoodie comes up and removes the gag (which is duct tape) from the teen’s mouth.  He has a hand grenade in his mouth and removing the duct tape has pulled the pin.  With literally seconds to react, Kurt pushes the audience away from the teen as he explodes.  :0

Kurt is a new police officer, but because he is the sole witness to the Middle Eastern man, the Superintendent of Police Josef Hemberg appoints him a detective.  Since there is only one slot available, the guy who was supposed to get that promotion, Kurt’s best friend Reza, doesn’t get promoted.  And that puts quite a strain on their friendship because Reza has dark skin and Kurt is lily white.  Sweden is somewhat racist and going through a series of violent protests from neo-Nazis protesting immigration of “dark-skinned” people.

Kurt and Reza are put on protest duty and assigned to protect a bunch of white supremacists as they march in the streets.  During the protest as they are marching through the streets, Kurt sees the Middle Eastern man who killed the kid coming out of a building, so he chases him, catches him, and gets stabbed by the man who then escapes again.  Meanwhile, Reza is almost beaten to death by the white supremacists.  He’s in intensive care in a coma.

Eventually, Kurt tracks down the Middle Eastern man to a shelter for illegal immigrants run by a girl named Mona who falls in love with Kurt.  He tells Kurt that he was blackmailed into killing the teen by a rich man.  If he didn’t they’d send him and his pregnant wife back to Afghanistan where they would be executed.  Not really a valid excuse for cold blooded murder.  The Middle Eastern man is shot while in police custody by the dead teen’s father.

Mona works for a billionaire named Gustav Munck.  The Munck family is in turmoil.  Apparently according to an archaic Swedish law, property for the wealthy can only be passed on to the oldest son of the family.  Munck Sr. does not want his oldest son Karl-Axel to inherit his wealth.  He wants to give it to Gustav.  So he changes the law.  Karl-Axel retaliates by trying to destroy his brother Gustav.  Since Gustav’s pet project is helping illegal immigrants, Karl-Axel makes everyone hate them.  He’s the one who blackmailed the Middle Eastern man to kill the kid.

When they dig into Karl-Axel’s life they find he brutally beat another student almost to death while in prep school.  His father removed him and brought him home.  This is why Munck Sr. doesn’t want his oldest son inheriting.  He’s a psychopath.

By the end of the season, Kurt has figured this all out and he and Hemberg race to save Gustav because Karl-Axel has planted a bomb to kill him.  They save Gustav, but the bomb was planted in Gustav’s car and it goes off as Hemberg walks by.  He’s killed and Karl-Axel is never arrested.

Season 2 picks up where Season 1 ended.  Hemberg is dead.  Karl-Axel got away with his crimes.  And everyone seemingly has moved on.  Reza is out of the coma, back at work, and promoted to detective so he is now Kurt’s partner.

The crime in Season 2 is the murder of a young man outside of a nightclub.  He is brutally run down by a car then backed over.  And the girl who was paid to get him to walk down that alley is Kurt’s star witness.  With a witness, you would think it’s over, but the two killers aren’t linked in any obvious way and her description of the man who ran over the victim could fit thousands of men in Sweden.

They discover that the victim is a protected witness in a murder case from 8 years ago, the murder of a teacher by two boys, ages 14 and 15.  The younger brother, Elias Fager, was given immunity for ratting out his older brother Soren.  Soren went to prison for 8 years.  But Soren has no memory of killing the teacher.  He was high on drugs and liquor.  In the opening episode, Elias seeks out Soren four days after he’s released from prison and wants to talk to him.  But Soren is enjoying the night and getting into fights.  So Elias walks off, meets a girl who bums a cigarette, and walks into that alley where he is killed.

What Kurt discovers are letters written to Elias from a girl who thanks him for saving her life, so Kurt looks into the murder of that teacher 8 years ago and finds he was a pedophile who raped the girls on his swim team.  One of those girls is the Attorney General’s daughter Mia.  She’s the one who actually killed the teacher but talked Elias into framing his brother for the crime.  :0  And upon Soren’s release, she’s terrified he’s going to tell Soren, so she kills him too, only she has a friend she met in therapy commit the actual crime.  She’s good at convincing others to kill for her.  So the killer is actually unrelated to either brother or the teacher.  He’s just some vet with PTSD who fell for Mia.

Aside from really hating that this 15 year old kid Soren was unlawfully imprisoned for 8 years, I didn’t like the female detective who sent him to prison.  She said terrible and cruel things to him and he was only 15 years old.  She should have lost her badge.  She destroyed a life.

8/10 stars for Season 1.  This is graphic in the beginning, but it does get better.

2/10 stars for Season 2.  Hated it.

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