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Yellowjackets (2021 series)

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Yellowjackets is a 2021 series by Showtime. 

0/10 stars.  This isn’t really a series.  It’s one long promo for season 2. Bad casting.  Dumb plot.  Misleading promos.  Horrible music.  One long headache.

This series is told in two time frames.  The first is present day.  The second is 21 years ago when the yellowjackets high school soccer team from a small town in New Jersey crash lands in Ontario on their way to the national championship in Seattle.  They are stranded for 18 months and only a handful of them survive.

The promos show scenes that aren’t from season 1.  I would hope they’re from season 2, but they might not even be from that season.  So what you see in those promos is NOT part of this series.  The producers intentionally mislead you into thinking this is Lord of the Flies only with soccer chicks and in Ontario, Canada.  It’s not.

In Episode 1 we meet the team.  Misty is the awkward mascot who has no friends.  In the present day, she terrorizes old people in a nursing home.  Jackie is the popular girl and captain of the team.  She’s rich and has a boyfriend Jeff who dotes on her.  She dies in Ontario so there is no present day.  Shauna is Jackie’s best friend and sidekick.  Jackie doesn’t know that Shauna and Jeff have been sleeping together and Shauna is pregnant.  In present day, Shauna and Jeff are married and Shauna thinks he’s having an affair.  He’s not. He’s into loan sharks for borrowing to keep their furniture store afloat.  Natalie is the drug addict.  I have no idea how she made the team.  She’s also a gun-toting hillbilly.  In the present day, she’s still an addict and seriously unglued.  Taissa is a lesbian with a lot of ambition.  In the last game leading up to the championships she cripples a teammate because she dislikes her.  In the present day, she’s a ruthless politician who kills the family dog with a butcher’s knife.  Van is the chubby lesbian goalie in love with Taissa.  She doesn’t make it out of Ontario either.  Mari is the girl who takes the place of the girl who is crippled by Taissa.  She doesn’t make it out of Ontario either.  Travis and Javi are the coach’s sons, along because their dad is a single dad.  Coach dies in the crash and Javi never makes it out of Ontario.  Travis falls for Natalie but sleeps with Jackie in a dangerous love triangle.   Akilah is just another girl.  She has a very small part and never survives Ontario.  Coach Ben is the assistant coach who loses his leg in the crash.  Misty destroys the radio receiver so they can’t be rescued because she wants alone time with Ben, who is gay.  He doesn’t make it out either.  Laura Lee is the religious chick who helps keep the others from falling apart.  She doesn’t make it out either.  Lottie is the “witch” who ends up making a small cult of some of the girls.  She’s dangerous.  She doesn’t appear until the last episode of season 1, so she does make it out.

In Episode 2 the plane crashes and Misty destroys the radio receiver so they can’t be rescued.  Meanwhile in the present the girls have never told anyone what happened in Ontario.  Even though they have been offered a lot of money from journalists and publishers.  Then someone sends them postcards threatening to expose them.

In Episode 3 they find a cabin with a dead guy in it and an old plane beside it.  That becomes their home.  Meanwhile in the present Shauna suspects Jeff of cheating on her and sees him with a cute young blonde, Bianca.  She assumes he’s having an affair.  He’s not.  He owes money to a loan shark and Bianca is his contact.  Meanwhile Taissa hires a woman to pose as a journalist and try to get the others to talk, testing them so she doesn’t have any surprises in her next election.  And Nat and Misty find Travis dead.  It appears he hung himself.  (This is never resolved.)

In Episode 4 they have a shooting contest to choose who will use the one rifle to hunt for food.  Natalie and Travis win.  They shoot a deer so everyone can eat.  Meanwhile in the present Shauna gets in a car accident with a handsome guy Adam.  They begin an affair.

In Episode 5 Taissa and Van start having a sexual relationship.  Lottie holds a seance and becomes possessed with some French-speaking man.  Lottie has Laura Lee baptize her.  Shauna asks Taissa to help her abort her baby, but changes her mind.  Natalie and Travis shoot another deer but it’s rotted inside.  Meanwhile in the present, someone is blackmailing Natalie and Taissa for $50,000 and Misty kidnaps the reporter and keeps her in her basement.

In Episodes 6 and 7, Travis (a virgin) tries having sex with Natalie (who has slept with more than 50 boys) and she laughs at him.  Taissa, Van, Mari, Misty, and Akilah go looking for help.  Taissa falls asleep on her watch and wolves attack the group.  They kill Van, so the girls put Van’s body on a bed of twigs and burn it.  Van wakes up while her body is burning.  Meanwhile in the present Taissa, Nat, and Shauna deliver the blackmail payment and stakeout the place.  They’ve put a GPS tracker in the bag.

In Episode 8 the girls drag Van off the burning pyre but she’s seriously wounded.  Laura Lee has been reading the flight manual in the plane since they crashed.  She wants to fly the plane out and get help.  But the plane has a fuel leak and bursts into flames once she is in the air.  Meanwhile in the present Shauna suspects Adam of being the blackmailer.

In Episode 9 Misty picks psychedelic mushrooms to drug Ben and Lottie accidentally puts them in the stew.  Jackie and Travis sneak away and have sex (they’re both virgins).  Lottie, who is jealous, locks Jackie in the pantry, and the girls chase Travis through the woods trying to rape him.  Natalie catches them and frees Travis just moments before Shauna was going to gut him with the knife like a deer.  Meanwhile in the present Shauna stabs Adam because she thinks he’s the blackmailer and has stolen her journals.  Then Jeff tells her it was him.  He owes a loan shark for money he borrowed for their furniture store.  Bianca works for the loan shark.  She tells him about Adam and Jeff says he’ll confess to killing Adam to protect her.  She comes up with a different plan and calls Taissa and Nat. She tells them he’s the blackmailer and they all dispose of the body.

In Episode 10 Jackie and Shauna fight.  Other girls side with Shauna so Jackie sleeps outside and freezes to death in the first snow.  Meanwhile in the present there’s a reunion that Taissa, Misty, Nat, and Shauna attend.  Misty releases the reporter then kills her.

0/10 stars.  Probably the worst episode was the last.  Nothing happened.  These are ruthless killers, but their stories are boring.  And the casting is probably the worst casting I’ve ever seen.  It’s also sloppily written.


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