The Handmaid's Tale, a graphic look at religion gone awry

Worst Films of 2017

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The Mist, a terrible science fiction series from Stephen King's short story

The Mist

The Mist was a horror novella written by Stephen King.  The TV series is loosely based on that novella with some pretty awful writing and casting.  A small town in Maine nestled in the middle of mountains comes under attack by a dark thick fog that envelopes the town.  People die in the fog in the most hideous ways.  One old local woman believes it’s nature fighting back against humans and appoints herself Goddess.  She burns a church full of Christians after locking them in.  :0  An old local minister believes it’s God cleansing the earth.  He goes out into the mist and dies very painfully.  Amidst this chaos, a local teenage girl Alex is drugged at a teen party and raped in an upstairs bedroom.  Her best friend and cousin Adrian tells her it was her crush, the high school quarterback Jay.  And yet Alex continues to have a crush on Jay and seeks him out, flirting with him at every opportunity.  As a rape victim I’m seriously offended that the Weinstein brothers, who wrote the series, decided to have a rape victim flirt and kiss the man who supposedly raped her.  There are also some pretty offensive moments in this series toward homosexuals.  Adrian has a sexual relationship with another football player who beats him senselessly each time he has sex with him.  Watching this is painful.  The Weinsteins upped that bad writing by making Adrian, who is homosexual not bisexual, the rapist of Alex, a girl.  Most homosexual men would tell you that’s practically physically impossible in addition to being extremely offensive.

Once you get past the terrible writing and the offensive material, there’s the terrible acting.  Aslaug from The Vikings sans makeup plays Alex’s mother who has a history of being the town slut.  Gus Birney plays Alex.  And Morgan Spector plays Kevin, Alex’s dad.  Three homelier looking actors could not have been chosen for these three main roles.  The acting is way over the top and not even remotely in line with what a person in that situation would really feel.  It’s painful to watch.

There are 10 episodes.  Let’s hope the network has the common sense NOT to renew it.

0 out of 10 stars.  Offensive and ridiculous.

The Handmaid's Tale, a graphic look at religion gone awry

The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale is loosely taken from the novel of the same name.  It’s a dystopian future in which the fertility rate has dropped drastically and people in search of God have elected to power a religious fanatic group of leaders.  Overnight they take over every institution like a sect of right wing Muslim fanaticists.  Women become property and the fertile women are gathered up and sold off to the religious leaders for use as “handmaids”.  Each handmaid is forcibly raped by the men as their wives hold her down.  :0  Yep.  You can see where this is going.  Handmaids who fight back are sexually circumcised so they can never enjoy sex again.  And the ones who get pregnant have their children taken from them again and again.  There is a wall where handmaids who are really rebellious are taken and hanged.

What has made the show popular is the writing and acting.  It’s true to the original novel and terrifying to watch.  The costumes, sets, and scenes are beautifully done.  But, and this is a big but, the producers chose to show one horrific moment of violence toward women after another.  After three episodes, that was too much for me and it’s proven to be too much for a lot of people.  Choose those moments carefully because if you include too many you’re just drowning the viewer in violence toward women, which for those of you who don’t know, is called misogyny.

4 out of 10 stars.  Too many horrific scenes with violence toward women.


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