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Women Walks Ahead 2018

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When her husband dies, Catherine Weldon travels west in search of famous Native Americans to paint.  She ends up on Sitting Bull’s reservation paying $1,000 to paint him.  As she slowly learns of his tribe’s latest plight–the Allotment Act which will take half their land and half of their food subsidies–she inspires Sitting Bull to fight back through the voting process.

There’s not a happy ending in this film and the uneven treatment of settlers versus the Native Americans didn’t sit well with most of the audiences.

About halfway through the film we learn that Sitting Bull’s warriors attacked a Swedish wagon train and killed everyone including the children.  Afterward they were caught by the cavalry who describe how the warriors wore the little blonde Swedish girls’ scalps from their belts and the scalps still had the girls’ blue hair ribbons.  :0  It’s hard to feel sorry for a group of people after hearing that.

Drama.  3 out of 10 stars.  Pass on this one.  It’s not historically accurate which makes it fiction and not good fiction at that.

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