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Wilds Season 2 (2022 series)

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The Wilds Season 2 is a 2022 series about eight boys left on a remote island to survive for 50 days.

0 out of 10 stars.  Season 1 was awful and pretty disgusting.  Season 2 is worse.  There’s nothing but victim blaming this season when one of the boys is sexually abused by one of the bigger older boys.  Literally, within days all of the other boys have accepted this violent creep back into the group and let him demean the boy he sexually abused.  :0  Don’t watch this. 

The premise behind this series is that a psychopathic psychologist who has almost lost her license twice is running an illegal experiment with teenage kids as subjects in a secret facility in Peru.  In Season 1, the test subjects are emotionally disturbed girls whose parents think they’re at a boot camp for troubled teens.  In Season 2, the test subjects are boys.

In each season there are ringers, adults who look young enough to pass as teens and who blend in with the group but are really there as employees of the shrink conducting the experiment.  These individuals are dangerous.  In season 2, one of them is Seth, who has a violent past.  Before coming to the island, he stole the cat of a girl who slept with him and killed it when she refused to see him.  On day 15 of their time on the island, Seth is insulted by one of the other boys.  He becomes enraged and singles out the weakest of the group, Josh.  Then he sexually assaults him.  The next day he begins planning on hurting Josh and making it appear like suicide, but fortunately for Josh, Kieran takes him along searching for fresh water and discovers what happened to Josh.  When they return to camp Kieran attacks Seth and outs him.  They vote him out of camp.  One by one the other boys end up joining Seth until Seth’s group outnumbers Kieran’s and they force themselves back into camp.  Then Seth begins taunting Josh.

It’s deeply disturbing that the writers, directors, and producers of this series (Amazon as a company included) would decide to write a series about sexual assault and then glorify the pedophile and blame the victim. 

One of the side stories of this season also includes another character, Ivan, a gay black kid who gets off on destroying the lives of white straight men.  First, he targets the PE teacher, who has made sure that Kieran’s family has food on the table.  He dressed as a famous black man for a party he attended.  Ivan posts that photo on his Instagram and gets the teacher fired.  Never mind that he’s not a racist.  If he dressed as Dolly Parton would he also be fired?  When Ivan discovers he has destroyed Kieran’s chances at a sports scholarship and has ruined his family, he corners him in the locker room where Kieran is crying, taunts him, tells him to call him a faggot then records it when he does.  He gets Kieran expelled from school.  Fortunately, Ivan’s lover rats him out to the school so he at least has to go on this trip, but it doesn’t sound like he even gets expelled.  He destroys lives and gets away with it because he’s black and gay.  Could we just get rid of real racism and stop letting gay black kids destroy lives?

So here’s a quick plot description.

Episode 1.

In the girls’ group, Rachel is attached by a shark.  Nora swims in to save her and disappears.  Rachel loses her hand and blames herself for Nora’s death, but Nora is not dead. She’s with the researchers in their facility watching the group.  This is cruelty squared–watching your sister mourn your death and blame herself.

The boys group is fake plane crashed on the island.  Josh is the stereotypical Jewish nerd with multiple allergies and social awkwardness.  Kieran is the la crosse sports jock who attracts all the girls at school.  Henry is an unattractive emo who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and is cruel with words.  Ivan is an outspoken gay black social media influencer who is constantly looking for someone white male and straight to publicly shame.  Bo is an overweight Florida hillbilly with an abusive dad who makes him keep the house spotless.  Raf is a poor Mexican kid who drives across the border from Tijuana to attend a prep school in San Diego every day (scholarship).  Scotty is Bo’s best friend and a poor black kid who is always coming up with get rich quick schemes and talking Bo into them.  Seth is Henry’s older alcoholic stepbrother with a penchant for violence.  DJ is a mother hating jock who dies the first day on the island and they don’t know how.  It turns out he’s the psycho shrink’s son Devin who killed Nora’s boyfriend in a hazing accident last season.  His mom got him out of prison to do this.  He and Seth are the ringers this season.  And Devin is not dead.  That was fake.

We learn that in season 1 the girls lasted 50 days on the island but the boys lasted only 38 and something happened on day 15.  (When Josh was sexually assaulted by Seth.)

Episode 2

This episode focuses on Raf and his life.  His parents are poor and his girlfriend is rich.  Her parents are Mexican and own a huge conglomerate of corporations that make food products.  But he gets arrested in a fight at the border crossing and her parents bail him out.  After that, she loses interest in him.

Episode 3

A jaguar starts stalking the boys and attacks Bo.  Most of this episode is about Bo and Scotty and their get rich quick schemes which usually go wrong and result in Bo getting beaten by his dad or them both arrested.  They ended up in this program after they both trashed Scotty’s old house that his family was forced out of.

Episode 4

The boys set a trap for the jaguar and Kieran kills it.  Kieran depants Seth and he becomes enraged and sexually assaults Josh, the weakest.

Episode 5

Seth starts setting it up to look like Josh is suicidal so he can kill him.  But Kieran takes Josh searching for a fresh water source and discovers what happened.  When they come back to camp, he beats up Seth, tells the others, and has him voted out of camp.  Raf takes Seth’s side.

Episode 6

Raf steals stuff for Seth, so they expel him from camp too.  Ivan has his PE teacher fired from school for dressing up as a famous black person.  Then he sets up Kieran and gets him expelled too.  Ivan’s boyfriend dumps him and reports him to the school for his viciousness and intentionally setting up straight white males to ruin their lives.    Ivan sides with Raf and Seth and leaves camp.

Episode 7

Seth brings Scotty and Bo a fresh fish, extra from what his camp caught.  When Bo begins cooking it, Josh gets mad and makes fun of Bo, so Bo and Scotty leave camp.  Now that Seth’s group outnumbers the others, they force their way back into the main camp, but the others quickly learn that Seth stole his ex-girlfriend’s cat and killed it when she refused to see him.  So he’s expelled a second time.

Episode 8

Seth calls for help from the shrink.  When she sends a boat to pick him up, he kills the pilot and steals the boat then tells the others he found it and is going to save them.  Since they don’t trust him, they send Kieran and Raf with him.  Once on the boat, Seth and Kieran fight and Seth knocks Kieran off the boat then tells Raf to kill him with the oar.  Instead, Raf hits Seth with the oar and beats him up.  Then Kieran spots a boat to save them.

Gretchen (psycho shrink in charge of the experiment) has been interrogating Leah about what secret the boys are hiding.  But she’s been on a mission to expose the experiment which is revealed in the end.

0 out of 10 stars.  Please don’t watch this.  Don’t recommend it.  Don’t let anyone you know or care about watch it.  This has some deeply troubling themes it’s supporting.  Not just woke racism, but also blaming the victims of sexual abuse.   It’s also really sickening to see black characters make racist remarks about white male jocks and get away with it then destroy their lives–more victim blaming.

Review for season 1 is here.

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