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When a Stranger Calls Back

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When a Stranger Calls Back is a horror film from 1993.

10 out of 10 stars.  This film is truly terrifying.  The first 20 minutes are kind of boring, but stick with it and pay attention.  The clues are there.

Julia is babysitting at a neighbor doctor’s house for his two children.  While babysitting there’s a knock on the door.  She won’t open the door but asks who it is.  The man claims he has a broken down car and needs to use the phone.  Since she won’t open the door he gives her his credit card number and the number for a tow service so she can call them for him.  When she goes to place the call the phone is not working.  She pretends she did make the call and tells the man the tow service will be there in an hour.

An hour later the man returns and once again knocks on the door telling her the tow service never came.  He asks her to call again, so she tries again.  The phone is still dead and she’s starting to get scared.  She tells him she’s called them again and they’re on their way.

Half an hour later he returns and is angry.  He tells her you don’t live here, you’re just the babysitter.  Then he tells her he sees someone upstairs and there’s a man in the house with her.  She doesn’t believe him until she hears a voice inside the house.  The man outside the house tells her to look behind her and there’s a man there inside the house only a few feet away from her.  She unlocks and opens the door and runs outside right into the arms of the doctor who lives there.

The police never find the two men and the children are missing.  They are never found.

Five years later, Julia is at college in the city and someone keeps breaking into her apartment.  The police contact campus security and they call Jill Johnson.  Jill was the babysitter in the original When a Stranger Calls (wonderfully portrayed by Carol Kane).  Jill is the first person who believes her.  Jill brings in a friend of hers, John Clifford, who is a private investigator.  And the three of them follow the clues to find the man responsible.

Don’t watch this alone.  It really is terrifying.  You will have trouble sleeping.  :0

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