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What Happened to Monday?

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What Happened to Monday? is a 2017 science fiction action adventure.

10 out of 10 stars.  This is very believable.  Our population is currently growing exponentially with no end in sight and no way to feed our growing population. 

The film begins with the father of a young woman at the hospital when she dies.  She has given birth to seven identical girls.  This multiple birth ordinarily would not be a problem, but a new regime has taken over the government and their solution to the overpopulation is to allow each family one only child.  The younger siblings are taken to the Child Allocation Bureau where they are supposedly put to sleep until a future date when our world can support so many children.  In fact, they are murdered, burned alive in a matter of minutes.

So Grandpa Settman takes the baby girls home and immediately sets about protecting them.  He registers the birth of one child, Karen Settman, and he secretly names the girls Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  He creates a secret room where they can hide when anyone comes to the door and a system of rules for them to follow so they can appear as one person.  Each child leaves the apartment only one day a week and Grandpa Settman, who is somewhat of a computer genius, monitors them all from a computer system inside the apartment.

When the girls are about eight, Thursday sneaks out on a day other than Thursday.  When she returns she’s lost part of her index finger.  Since all of the girls are supposed to be one individual, Grandpa Settman must cut off the first joint of the same index finger for each of the other girls and they learn how their actions impact each other in a horrifying way.

Fast forward thirty years and the dictator who now runs the government and the Child Allocation Bureau is running for reelection.  Her name is Nicolette Cayman.  One Monday, Monday goes to work and doesn’t return.  Grandpa Settman has long since died and the girls are left to figure out how to find their sister without alerting the CAB that there are seven Karen Settman’s, not one.

The following day Tuesday goes to work as Karen Settman and is surprised when one of the local CAB officers, Adrian, flirts with her.  She doesn’t know that Monday was having a sexual relationship with Adrian.  She goes to work and a coworker, Jerry, threatens her with blackmail.  She has no idea why.  She begins tracing Monday’s footsteps and the CAB appears and arrests her.  Her bracelet than stops sending a GPS signal, the same way Monday’s stopped the day before.  So back home, her sisters are in a panic.

The CAB appears at the apartment and immediately begin shooting.  Thursday once again causes one of her sisters to be injured, Sunday, who dies in her arms.  What isn’t described very well is what they do with the bodies because the four remaining sisters are still in the apartment terrified to leave.  They do find how the CAB got into the secured apartment, Tuesday’s eyeball.

That afternoon Adrian comes to the apartment and starts seducing Saturday.  None of the sisters knew about Monday’s relationship with Adrian, but she goes with him to his apartment and has sex so that she can link her ID bracelet with his and get access to his data link to the CAB which Friday uses to locate who they think is Monday.  It’s actually Tuesday.  She stays there with him overnight and when he gets up to leave in the morning, she videochats home and tells her sisters all about his relationship with Monday.  While she’s on video the CAB shoot her in the head and now she’s dead.

It’s now Wednesday so Wednesday goes out into the world to try to find out what happened to Monday and Tuesday.  Her only lead is Jerry the coworker.  She goes to his apartment and the CAB shoots him, but he does manage to tell her about millions of euros that Monday transferred from the bank to Nicolette Cayman’s political campaign fund illegally.  That’s what the blackmail was about.  Wednesday runs and the CAB chase her.  Friday tries to navigate her through that air of town via computer, but the CAB break down their door and start shooting.  Wednesday is left to find her own way and is shot by the CAB as her sisters watch in horror through video.

Friday and Thursday decide to leave the apartment and blow it up to kill the CAB there, but Friday changes her mind at the last moment and explodes with the bomb in the apartment.  Now only Thursday is left.  She immediately holds a gun to Adrian’s head and tells him what happened.  She shows him the video of Sunday being executed in his apartment after he left her there.  So she enlists his help in freeing Monday from the CAB’s clutches.

Thursday pretends to be dead and Adrian, as a CAB officer, takes her dead body to the CAB to the incinerator.  Here she videotapes the operators execute a child, a younger sibling.  Then they escape and find the room with Monday.  Only it’s Tuesday missing an eyeball.  While Tuesday goes with Adrian to the computer system to upload the video of the child being executed, Thursday puts on Tuesday’s work dress and pretends to be Monday as she joins Nicolette Cayman at her campaign party.  She goes to the bathroom and Monday attacks her there.  She thinks she kills Monday, but Monday attacks her inside the party room as the video appears on the screen showing the child executed.  As Cayman is arrested, Monday is shot while trying to kill Tuesday.  Her last words are to “protect them” and she puts Thursday’s hand on her abdomen.  She’s pregnant with twins.

As the film ends, Cayman is facing the death penalty, the CAB act is repealed, Tuesday’s eye is replaced, and Tuesday, Thursday, and Adrian watch Monday’s twins grow in a tank of some kind.

10 out of 10 stars.  One of the huge plot holes was the date for this supposed event: 2047.  I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.



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