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Westworld Season 3

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Westworld is an HBO series taken from the Michael Crichton screenplay Westworld.

2 out of 10 stars.  Season 3 has been a complete disappointment.  Whoever wrote this season should be fired.

In season 2, the robots from Westworld are freed into a virtual world accessed through the forge.  Dolores escapes with five copies of herself.  (Surprise!  Yeah, I thought they were other robots too.)  One of those copies she puts into a robot that looks like Charlotte Hale, CEO of Delos.  The others she puts into the bodies of key figures who will help her achieve her goal–the survival of her kind.

So in the opening of Season 3, I’m already disappointed.  Season 2 gave the impression that she could churn out as many AI robots as she wanted.  She can’t?  Bummer.  Why is she trying to protect “her kind” if it’s just her?  HUGE plot hole.

Then we get a good look at the human world.  Everything is run on social media.  But what people don’t know is that a Frenchman is behind it all using all of a person’s data to control what happens to them in life, where they work, who they marry, whether they have kids, etc.  That control is terrifying and no one knows about it.  This Frenchman, whose name is Serac, is ruthless and brutal and he’s taking over Delos so he can access all of the data that was taken from the visitors to the park and stored in the forge.  Dolores’ plan is to stop him and to expose to all the humans the information he has on them and how he’s been stopping them from advancing in life.

Dolores soon acquires a friend, a human to help her, named Caleb Nichols.  Caleb is soooo disappointing.  And they cast Aaron Paul.  I have hated every series and film Aaron Paul has ever been in.  So I’m already bored.  I just can’t suspend my disbelief anymore.

The season is very sloooooooow.  The plot makes no sense.  When there’s no one to save except yourself, this becomes a silly plot line.  It would’ve been so much better if she just churned out a bunch of AI robots like herself.  She made Bernard, so why not?

Then they make matters worse by bringing in Maeve for no apparent reason except to make her a real nasty person.  Hated her.  She keeps trying to stop Dolores for no other reason than to see her daughter in that secure virtual world.  That’s pretty selfish.  Risk every AI in that world just so she can have a reunion?  Nooooooo.  Please kill Maeve.

2 out of 10 stars.  There’s only one episode left, but this season really sucked.  Serac is an insidious person who takes outliers, people who don’t fit in, to these facilities where he experiments on them.  It’s like something from the 1940s psychiatric hospitals where they used electric shock on all the patients, but much more insidious.

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