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Wayward Pines (2015 series)

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Wayward Pines is a 2015 series about a small town in Idaho where people can never leave.

7 out of 10 stars.  I almost stopped watching this series three episodes in, but eventually it gets better. 

It’s impossible to review this series without giving away the plot.  SPOILERS AHEAD.

Secret Service agent Ethan Burke is sent to the small town of Wayward Pines, Idaho to investigate the disappearance of two Secret Service agents.  One of those agents is his former mistress and partner.  He is kidnapped and transported 2,014 years into the future.  He knows something’s off about the town, but not what it is.  Then he tries to escape and there’s a huge electrified fence surrounding the town.  That’s to protect them from the future humanoids ruling the planet.

In 2014, Dr. David Pilcher gathers followers as he goes city to city with a plan to build a facility, cryopreserve their bodies, sleep for 2,000 years then wake up and rebuild society after the planet has healed itself from global warming.  He’s a terrifying little man with thirst for power and a need for absolute control.  When he doesn’t get enough followers, he kidnaps people.  And that’s where all three Secret Service agents end up.

In this creepy little town there are three rules.  1.  Don’t ask questions.  2.  Be happy.  3.  Never discuss your past.  If you break one of these rules the other townspeople will rat you out and Sheriff Pope will slit your throat in the town square at a public reckoning.  :0

Pilcher performs this experiment with the town of Wayward Pines on the first group he wakes, group A.  He tells them the truth and most of them kill themselves.  So he lets the rest of the town die and starts over again with group B.  Group B is the subject of this series, which is in the year 4,028.

Group B knows nothing.  One of Pilcher’s followers, a sadistic hypnotherapist who runs the school, brainwashed the residents to forget their pasts.  But that only lasts just so long. What they don’t know is that the only thing protecting them from the new breed of cannibalistic humans is an electrified fence that surrounds the town and is completely controlled by Pilcher and his cronies, an armed security force who surveils everyone.

Halfway through season 1, Ethan finds out the truth and is appointed the new sheriff just as a terrorist group plants a bomb to escape the town which they think is a covert government experiment.  That’s when Pilcher orders Burke to execute the terrorists.  Instead, he tells everyone the truth.  So Pilcher shuts down the fence and lets the cannibals in while planning to wake group C.

Season 2 begins in 4,032, four years after season 1.  The children born in Wayward Pines are now teenagers and have taken over, putting most of the adults in cryosleep.  They rule the way Pilcher did and there are mass executions.  They force little girls to have sex with boys as soon as they get their period so they can get pregnant, even though they’re starving without enough food for the people they already have.  The few adults awake are tortured.  So before long, their society is doomed as it should be.  It’s like Hitler’s Youth.

7 out of 10 stars for season 1.  0 out of 10 stars for season 2 which was awful.


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