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Waco (series)

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Waco is a 2018 series on the siege of the Branch Davidian complex that took place in 1993.

8 out of 10 stars.  Parts of it are well done.  Other parts are not factually correct, namely the beginning which briefly covers the events of Ruby Ridge which were NOT accurate (which is why the government was sued).

In August of 1992, the ATF and FBI shot and murdered most of Randy Weaver’s family outside their cabin in Ruby Ridge, Idaho.  It’s one of the worst atrocities committed by our government and inspired Timothy McVeigh to bomb the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995.  This kind of thing outrages Americans.

Not learning its lesson, that murdering Americans isn’t good for the country, the ATF and FBI committed another atrocity at Waco, Texas when they sent in military tanks with CS gas grenades that were highly flammable and self-igniting into the home of more than 100 people including 25 children.  The women and children who weren’t buried by the tanks died when the CS self-ignited and burned them alive.  Seventy-six people died, including 25 children.

The story is told through two main viewpoints as the series is created from those two people’s books.  One is David Thibodeau, a newcomer to David Koresh’s group who had recently married one of the Branch Davidians, Michelle Jones.  David was one of the handful of survivors.  His wife Michelle and daughter Destiny were burned alive with CS gas grenades the FBI dropped into the basement where they were hiding after blocking the exit.  They were trapped.  David’s viewpoint is very touching and real.  I believe everything he says.  It’s tragic that he lost his wife and daughter through the stupidity of the U.S. government.

The second viewpoint is that of Gary Noesner, a soulless FBI hostage negotiator who truly sucked at his job and had no empathy for anyone.  In one point of the series he actually says that he should feel something, but he doesn’t.  No kidding.  He negotiates a deal with David Koresh then stands by and watches the FBI go in with military tanks, CS gas, and military force when 25 small children were inside.  They presented no threat to anyone.  Noesner’s viewpoint is revolting.  He doesn’t call the White House, the governor, the local sheriff, or anyone.  He just stands there and watches.

At the end of the series, one of the local radio talk show hosts lists off all of the cases in which the U.S. government or police have used CS gas which is considered a war crime when used by the military in any war.  In every case the CS gas self-ignited and burned everyone inside.  So the FBI knew they were going to kill everyone inside and they did it anyway.

8 out of 10 stars.  This isn’t about David Koresh’s lifestyle which is pretty disgusting.  It’s about our government using lethal force on its citizens, especially children.  Tony Prince and Mitch Decker of the FBI should’ve been sent to prison.


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