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Voice from the Stone

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Voice from the Stone is a 2017 film starring the enchanting Emelia Clarke.

4 out of 10 stars. Not scary and very boring. Emelia was wasted in this film.

This is a very creepy horror film with a little nudity and a lot of imagined sex. Not that scary until the last five minutes. A governess is brought in to take care of Jacob, a boy whose mother recently died (7 months ago) and who has stopped speaking. Jacob and his father are Italian and live in an Italian villa in 1950s Italy. The villa is made of crumbling stone as the family used to make their money from the stone quarry nearby.

SPOILER: The story arc of the film is that the people the governess is seeing are actually dead and by the end of the film she is drugged, her body is placed inside of the tomb of the dead mother where the mother’s spirit takes over the governess’s body. Then the governess is removed from the tomb and put back in her bed. Days later she wakes up and she is the dead mother, not the governess, but in the governess’s body. How do we know? Because the governess couldn’t even play chopsticks on the piano and the dead mother was a famous pianist. As the film ends she’s playing a concerto and invites Jacob to join her. Getting there was a boring and confusing 80 minutes.

4 out of 10 stars. NOT SCARY and REALLY BORING.

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