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Violation of Trust (She Says She’s Innocent)

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Violation of Trust is a 1991 film that was originally titled She Says She’s Innocent.

7 out of 10 stars.  It’s actually a pretty good film for how old it is.

Justine is a high school senior.  Her boyfriend Ryan is also a senior and the school’s track star.  Her friend Ashley is a busybody and friends with Vicky, a girl with serious issues.  When Ashley peeks in Vicky’s diary and reads that Vicky is pregnant by a guy named “R” she assumes the boy is Ryan because Vicky and Ryan have been hanging out together.  She immediately tells Justine who confronts Ryan.  Ryan claims he’s been talking to her since her father died since he also lost a parent, but Ashley doesn’t let it go and it ends in a confrontation with Justine and Ashley against Vicky.  They chase her to a park where she disappears.  Two days later her dead body is found in the very same park but five miles down the road.

Eric Reilly is assigned the murder investigation and is an old flame of Justine’s mother Susan’s.  So he takes the investigation slowly and doesn’t jump to any conclusions while urging Susan to talk to Justine since her story doesn’t line up with the evidence.


  1. One of Justine’s earrings was found in Vicky’s clothes as if it was torn out during the murder.
  2. One of Justine’s neighbors heard them arguing that night at Justine’s house and when Vicky fled and Justine and Ashley chased her, the neighbor saw all three of them.
  3. Vicky died from a blow to the head.
  4. Vicky’s diary refers to an “R” who got her pregnant.  “R” wants her to end the pregnancy but she refuses.  Motive for murder.
  5. Justine’s boyfriend Ryan has been seen with Vicky.  Nothing romantic but it’s still incriminating.

It isn’t until the very end of the film that you learn what happened that night between Justine, Ashley, and Vicky.  But that information is intentionally kept from the viewer until the last ten minutes.  🙁  For that I took away 3 stars.  Bad form.

What I liked about this film was that the mother believed her daughter and she was right to believe her.  When the town has turned on Justine and everyone thinks she’s a murderer, it’s her mother who drags her out to the park and has her walk through everything that happened that night, blow by blow.  And that’s how they find the murderer.

7 out of 10 stars.  A little dated, but still a good film.  Free on Prime.



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