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Valhalla Murders (series)

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The Valhalla Murders is a 2019 Netflix series that takes place in Iceland.  It’s a murder mystery with a ton of plot holes and some seriously bad writing.

0 out of 10 stars.  If I could give this a negative 25, I would.  There are two storylines and both involve pedophiles and violent child rape where the criminals went free.

The first storyline is about a series of murders involving a state-sponsored facility for children in state care (child protective services).  The facility was called Valhalla and was only in operation for two years but during those two years what they did there was unspeakable.  It was run by three pedophiles, a woman who liked beating children, and a man who looked the other way as the children were raped and beaten and while one was murdered (Tommy).  In present day Iceland someone is systematically murdering those adults who ran Valhalla hence the name of the series, The Valhalla Murders.  The lead investigator, a woman named Kata, is uneducated, incompetent, and wrapped up in what’s going on in her personal life which brings us to the second storyline.

The second storyline is about a young girl who is gang-raped at a party which is filmed and distributed to the class.  Kata’s son Kari was one of the rapists and filmed the rape on his phone.  When Kata watches the video it also appears he is the one who started it.  The deeply disturbing part goes beyond the violent gang rape of a young girl by six large adult males.  Kata, in an effort to protect her son’s involvement, destroys his red hoodie and hides the video of the event.  :0  That would be my shocked face.  Such a sickening and disgusting act by any mother, let alone a police detective, is unforgivable, but she goes even further and intimidates the victim.  What on earth were the producers of this series thinking???

0 out of 10 stars.  One of the most disgusting and perverse series I’ve ever seen.  Kata should’ve been fired and arrested.  She wasn’t.  Her son, rather  than being arrested, is made a witness against the other rapists.  Who makes a series about a mother and cop who covers up violent child rape?  Netflix. 🙁


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  1. Joe Munis

    Story lines of murder is one thing, but this show is disturbing to the point that hopefully Icelanders are stunned and/or mortified! The glorification of young girls being raped, videoed and covered up by a (1- mother, (2 – Policewoman in modern day is disturbing. The writers need to keep their disturbing, pathetic fantasies locked in their diaries and presented to the public.
    Will not waste anymore time RATING a pathetic, sickening excuse for entertainment!

  2. Areeba Asad

    Totally agree with your review. It sickened me that Kata would try to defend her son for such a heinous crime.

  3. Jonas

    After watching episode four I was hesitant as to whether to continue with the series. Thanks for the helpful review, no need to ponder the issue anymore, very strange and inappropriate choice of a second storyline for a police procedural.

  4. Sophie

    Thank you for explicitly laying out the son’s rape subplot. After watching her lie about it in Ep.5 I needed to know where they were going with this. I just came out of watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo where a horrendous rape is filmed and becomes a main plot device – in a way that actually makes sense. It’s possible if done right. So ya. Fuck this series and fuck these writers for thinking they really did something here.

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