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Under Suspicion (2000)

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Under Suspicion is a 2000 thriller about the interrogation of a pedophile serial killer in Puerto Rico.

8 out of 10 stars.  I’d never heard of this film before I watched it and it was a pleasant surprise.  Gene Hackman was believable as the pedophile killer.  Morgan Freeman was believable as the detective grilling him in the murders of two young girls.  The only weak link in this film was Monica Bellucci, who plays the killer’s wife, and some of the parts of the plot which were a bit hard to swallow.  What this film does do is reveal just how many people turn a blind eye to pedophilia even when the girls end up dead.  As long as the man is rich or white, no one cares when he grooms and rapes little girls.

Henry Hearst is a rich tax attorney living in Puerto Rico with his beautiful very young wife.  He raises money for politicians and has influential friends.  He’s also a pedophile whose been grooming a twelve year old girl whose body he finds.  She’s the second girl raped and murdered in the area in less than two weeks.  And Hearst is linked to the first girl too.

The police bring him in for questioning and the evidence starts mounting.  They search his house, question his wife, question his neighbors, and pick his life apart over the course of twelve hours until he finally confesses.  Then another team catches the real killer in the act and he is arrested.  That’s the point where they realize Hearst is innocent and release him.  But his marriage is in shambles and so is his reputation.  Kind of hard to feel sorry for him though because he’s still a pedophile.

8 out of 10 stars.  Here’s an intelligent man who knew he didn’t commit the murder, but was questioned so relentlessly that he confessed anyway in less than twelve hours.  Yes, there are a lot of people on death row who confessed but didn’t actually commit the crime which is why DNA evidence is so important.  It’s nice to see a film that exposes that in a clever way.




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