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Tinder Swindler (2022 film)

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The Tinder Swindler is a 2022 Netflix documentary.

10/10 stars. Excellent documentary on a sociopath who should be put in prison for life.

Simon Leviev is a Jewish con man born Shimon Hayut in Israel who has robbed various women of more than $10 million. He legally changed his name to Simon Leviev as part of his pretense that he is the son of diamond billionaire Lev Leviev. Yet he was never charged with any of these crimes. He did spend 5 months in prison in Israel for stealing a former employer’s checks. That’s it. That’s the low value this world places on women’s lives and their happiness.

This is a Netflix documentary and told in two parts, which I found brilliant.

The first part is the story of Swedish Cecilie Fjellhoy, who was living in London when she met Simon Leviev. He conned her out of $250 million. Part of his scheme was pretending that he was in danger of diamond thieves and couldn’t use his own credit cards for fear of being traced. So he set up a fake employment con pretending she worked for Leviev Diamonds and had a salary close to $100,000 a year so she could get numerous credit cards in her name then he used them. When the credit cards were maxed, he had her take out loans. Until finally she realized he was seeing someone else, a woman he was using her money on. Then she realized the whole thing was one long con. The checks he claimed he’d sent her to pay for the credit cards never arrived and the number of women he’d conned kept adding up.

The second part of the story is about Danish Ayleen Charlotte who put herself in danger to help get Simon caught. But Interpol released him to Israel and Israel sentenced him to 15 months but let him go after only five months, for passing bad checks. NOT for stealing millions from innocent women. Simon conned Ayleen out of $140,000.

In 2014, Simon had spent three years in prison for conning three Finnish women out of their money. By the time he got to Cecilie and Ayleen, he had two partners, his supposed bodyguard Peter and business partner Avishay.

Simon Leviev has since changed his name yet again, this time to David Sharon. He’s made at least one attempt to change his face through plastic surgery but the surgeon refused to do the work when he discovered he was a criminal.

10/10 stars for a great documentary. 0/0 to Israel for letting a criminal go free. Shame on you.  Kudos to the publication, VG, that outed Simon.  You can read it here, https://www.vg.no/spesial/2019/tindersvindler/english/.

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