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Time Machine (film)

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The Time Machine is a 2002 film starring Guy Pearce.

10 out of 10 stars.  There’s a reason this is a classic.  The visuals are stunning and Pearce did a great job.

In 1989 New York City, inventory Dr. Alexander Hardegan proposes marriage to his girlfriend Emma at a skating rink.  Less than five minutes later a mugger kills Emma when she refuses to give up her new engagement ring.  Consumed by his grief over Emma’s death, Alexander designs a time machine and travels back in time to save Emma, but she dies a day later in a freak wagon accident.  And Alexander realizes he can’t change fate.  One way or another Emma will die.  So he decides to take his time machine forward in time.

When he reaches 2030 he learns that the environment has been ruined by humans and we are colonizing the moon.  When he reaches 2037 he is captured and told to evacuate.  When he looks up the moon is in pieces and crashing toward Earth.  His captors tell him that the lunar colonists have destroyed the moon and it has now made Earth uninhabitable.  He escapes to his time machine, but with injuries, and those injuries cause him to fall asleep, going hundreds of thousands of years forward in time.

He wakes in the year 802,701 and is found by the Eloi, a group of islanders who live in baskets off the edge of cliffs.  They fear something, but Alexander doesn’t know what until the horn blows and everyone runs.  Monstrous humanlike animals called Morlock rise from the sand and shoot poisonous darts at the Eloi, chasing them toward the sand, where they grab them and sink back under the sand.  When Mara, the girl who saved Alexander, is captured, he goes to save her and finds an underground cave system inhabited by the monsters.  When the earth became uninhabitable, humans fled underground (the Morlocks) and to the seas (the Eloi).  Over hundreds of thousands of years the Morlock further divided into different species in a caste system led by telepathic Morlock that look almost human.  He explains to Alexander that the lower caste eat the humans and the upper caste use them for breeding stock.  :0

Alexander destroys the Morlock world, kills the Morlock by destroying his machine, and saves Mara.

10 out of 10 stars.  Stunning visuals and superb acting.


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