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They/Them (2022 film)

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They/Them 2022 film

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2/10 stars. If this had been a film about a group of kids at a transgender camp, it would have been great. The casting was perfect and the kids really came together as a normal group of teenagers. But adding both a sadistic group of adults who believe in psychological and physical torture AND a secret serial killer was simply too much.

A group of kids arrive at a gay conversion camp run by a sadistic old white man named Owen, his psychotic religious wife Cora, a violent activities coordinator Zane and his fiance Sarah, and a psychologist Molly who is actually a serial killer. Owen separates the kids into a boys cabin and a girls cabin. Jordan, who is binary transgender doesn’t know which cabin to go to. So Owen asks that he go to the boys cabin. That afternoon Sarah walks in on Alexandra as she is showering, discovering she has a penis. Owen publicly outs her and forces her to wear boy’s clothes and sleep in the boy’s cabin. Jordan is the one who makes her feel better.

That evening, Owen sends the kids into the woods in pairs, handcuffed to each other. He tells them it’s a short exercise, but leaves them out there all night. In the mornig they wake in the woods and are called back by whistle. While the kids are out, Cora and Sarah go through their private belongings, learning their weaknesses, so that when Cora meets with them later individually she can psychologically torture them with what they fear the most.

The next day they are divided into a boys group that goes with Owen and Zane shooting guns and a girls group that goes with Cora and Sarah to bake pies for the boys. Jordan beats Zane in target practice, which makes Owen angry. As the boys finish up their shooting practice, Owen demands that Toby shoot his dog Duke who is dying of cancer. If he doesn’t, Owen will have Zane break Duke’s legs to torture him. Toby cries hysterically so Jordan shoots Duke. Meanwhile, Sarah tries to seduce Kim who is a closeted lesbian trying to be straight for her religious parents. She’s the one person who came their voluntarily. The rest were forced one way or another by their parents.

Every comment or command from the staff is laced with sexist and anti-gay overtures. They get heavier handed as the film moves along.

At this point we’re halfway through the film and the teenagers begin forming couples and having sex. That’s when I tuned out. I’m so over the teens having sex at camp horror thing. And up to this point, the movie has pretty much sucked.

2/10 stars. Not recommended. I couldn’t even finish it. Now I know what the critics meant by “silly mess”.


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