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The Usborne Book of Art Skills

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The Usborne Book of Art Skills is an art book for children.

4 out of 10 stars.  It’s hard to give a fair rating for this book as the art projects are from kids ages 2 to 12.  If you have children then you know they want to do what their older brother/sister is doing.  They don’t want a “different” art project, so as a family purchase this book makes no sense.  Maybe for a school though.


There are about 20 projects in this book.  I only liked three of them.  Many of the projects weren’t really projects but instruction on watercolors.  Here were my faves.

1.  Oil Pastel Salamanders

This cute project uses Crayola oil pastels and watercolors.  You can find both cheaply for less than $10 for the entire project.  Use Strathmore watercolor paper.

2.  Doodle Painting

This is like zentangling for kids and a fun project.

3.  Tissue Paper Pond

This is a cute Thanksgiving Project.  I’m planning on covering the kiddies’ table with a large sheet of white butcher’s paper and letting the kids do the tissue paper pond.  Then I’ll have construction paper for little goldfish, one for every family member.  🙂

4 out of 10 stars.  This would make a great book for a schoolteacher who has a wider range of ages to do art projects for.  Not so great for a mom.

Reviewed by Colleen.


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