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The Killing Field

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The Killing Field is an Australian film about a serial killer haunting the small backward town of Mingara, population 1,527.  I fell in love with the song featured in the first three minutes of this film.  Sadly it was pulled from the newer versions of the film and no accreditation was ever given to the singer or the song.  🙁

On a Saturday evening, fifteen year-old Becky Ryan disappears.  The police chief calls in Lochlan Mackenzie, an old friend.  Lochlan calls in Eve Winter who specializes in finding missing children.  From there the search begins in this very odd town filled with scary people.

As Eve digs into the past of the town and nearby murders she discovers a pattern.  Someone has been abducting pretty young blondes, holding them prisoner for three weeks while violently raping them and starving them to death,cutting their Achilles tendon, then dumping their bodies in open graves.  Two days after she went missing, Becky’s body is found in the same way.  Everyone assumes it’s the same serial killer.  The twist is that it isn’t.  It’s a close family friend trying to cover up his murder by disguising it as the serial killer’s latest.

As they narrow down the suspects, another blonde is abducted and it becomes a race to find her before she starves to death.

I’ll warn you that the last 10 minutes of this film are quite graphic.

What bothered me about this film is that no one seemed to notice that the dance teacher looked exactly like the women abducted and tortured to death.  That was the biggest clue and everyone totally missed it. She is the reason the serial killer is murdering girls who look just like her.  🙁


7 out of 10 stars.  There are parts of the film that seem really out of place since this was a pilot for a series called Winter.  That’s a shame, as is the non-accreditation for the opening song which is beautiful.  The victim and the killer appear in the first two minutes of the film.  Pay attention.

Reviewed by Erin.


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