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Tell Me Your Secrets 2021 series

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Tell Me Your Secrets is a 2021 Amazon series.

0 out of 10 stars.  Terrible series.  Written poorly, acted poorly, and with an insipid plot.  The lead actress was particularly disappointing.

This is a series about two serial killers, a man and woman, who targeted teenage girls from dysfunctional families.  One of their victims, Theresa, is never found and her mother Mary is the other subplot of the film.

The series begins with the release of serial killer Karen Miller aka Killer Miller.  She claims she has amnesia, never knew her boyfriend was a serial killer, and is released into the witness protection program.  She is moved to Texas where she goes by the name Emma Hall.

Mary is the mother of Theresa, one of the girls Kit Parker and Karen Miller killed, still looking for answers.  Theresa’s body was never found and Kit never admitted to killing her.  Mary has created a huge nonprofit corporation that devotes their time to bringing awareness to missing children.  But really the corporate accounts are used by Mary to fund her drug habit, her drug dealer teenage sex toy, and her secret hiring of a pedophile to find Karen Miller.

Parker killed 9 women.  He shattered the bones of their hands and feet so they couldn’t fight back or escape then beat them to death with a hammer.  Karen was in the other room, but she was fully aware of what he was doing and she lured his victims to his trailer.

After Parker was caught, he consented to meet with a few of the mothers and, if they told him personal details of their lives, confessions of sorts, he would tell them if he killed their daughter.  But he never met with Mary.  Mary steals one of the mothers’ tape of this meeting and publicizes it, ruining the woman’s marriage.  She is unscrupulous and just as a much a criminal as Karen Miller and Kit Parker.

0 out of 10 stars.  I don’t understand the obsession with making films about brutality toward children and women.  This one is disgusting.  There isn’t a single likeable character and the screenplay was written hastily with plot holes all over the place.  Don’t waste your time and don’t support this kind of garbage.


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