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Taken Down 2018 series

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Taken Down is a 2018 Irish series.

0/10 stars. Offensive in every way possible.

This is an unfinished series about the murder of 17 year old Nigerian refugee living in subsidized housing with other refugees. Her name is Esme and she’s been working as a prostitute in a brothel run by several of the criminals in the refugee camp along with government staff working at the refugee center and local gangs. She was hit in the head by the madam running the brothel, an older Nigerian woman, and left for dead at a bus stop with a massive brain injury.

The chief suspect in Esme’s murder is Isaiah Bankole, a 17 year old Nigerian refugee brought to Ireland eight years ago by his mother Abeni. Isaiah was recorded on CCTV on a park bench where Esme was giving him a blow job. And he’s repeatedly lied to his mother and lied to the police.

The cops investigating the crime are every kind of scumbag imaginable. The young white male cop who is so racist he attacks an older male Muslim refugee and traumatizes him so much the guy hangs himself. The other cops cover up his criminal behavior. Refugees are expendable. Cops are not. The cops are also all white.

Most of the series focuses on the cops’ investigation and Abeni’s family. Abeni is extremely aggressive. She has rage over having to leave her country, her husband dying on the boat there, and being stuck eight years in temporary housing waiting for citizenship. Her rage has transferred over to her two sons who have the same sense of entitlement that Abeni has. Rather than staying in her own country and fighting to free it from violence, she fled to another country and expected them to hand her everything she wanted. So you can see both sides of the anger at this refugee center. The racist cops are angry that these people are given free housing, free food, free medical care, free schooling, even free college, and yet they demand more while locals are struggling to put food on the table. This is also the perfect example of why Abeni and her sons aren’t given citizenship. They are full of rage, not the kind of citizens Ireland wants.

The investigation is very slow because the cops start by assuming that whoever killed Esme is a refugee at the center, rather than looking at the slimy white guy who works for the government and runs the refugee housing center. He’s part of the brothel and drug ring. And he’s forcing young girls into prostitution with the threat he’ll get them deported if they don’t.

0/10 stars. This is an unfinished series. They filmed 6 episodes then stopped. But if you watch the first episode and the last 20 minutes of episode 6, there’s the entire plot. The rest is slow, racist, and boring. It’s also some pretty bad writing.


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