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Sweetheart (film)

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Sweetheart is a 2019 horror film that’s pretty good.

8 out of 10 stars.  This starts out slowly but ends with a bang.  And you’ll never listen to a guy condescendingly call his girlfriend Sweetheart the same way again.

Jenn wakes up washed up on a deserted beach.  There are remnants of a camp that makes it apparent that a couple was stranded on the island before her.  Within hours she discovers the body of a friend floating in the ocean and pulls it on shore and buries it in the sand.  That guy was Brad.

That night she hears a strange frightening noise of a creature searching through the camp.  The next morning Brad’s corpse is gone and a blood trail leads to the ocean, making it seem the creature came from the ocean, grabbed the body to eat, and took off with it.

She catches fish and hangs them to dry in the sun.  That night she hears the creature again and in the morning her fish are gone, eaten by the creature.

That night she hides in a rotting hollowed out tree and the creature tries to get her.  Since there is no easily available food, he wants to eat her.  He eventually leaves and she spends the night in the hollowed out tree.

The next day another friend’s body washes up on shore, Zack, and he is half eaten.  This time she scavenges material from the previous stranded couple and makes a hammock high up in the coconut trees.  She leaves Zack’s torso as bait and waits in the hammock for the creature to come.  When it does, it knocks her out of the hammock by slicing through the ropes with its claws.  She falls and it attacks her, but she stabs it and runs.  The most terrifying part is the way the creature runs.  It is faster swimming than running so it jumps in the ocean, swims ahead of her, and then jumps out in front of her which is terrifying to watch.  She stabs it and gets away.

The next day a raft appears on the horizon.  In it is her boyfriend Lucas and her best friend Mia.  Jenn desperately tries to explain to the two about the monster which appears to be coming from a hole in the ocean floor which is easily seen.  But neither of them believe her.  They are in fact condescendingly mean to Jenn, especially when Lucas calls her sweetheart.  At dusk, still unable to convince them, Jenn tries stealing the raft and Mia hits her over the head with the oar, knocking her completely unconscious.  She wakes up tied to a coconut tree and it’s dark.  Lucas and Mia are making fun of her, saying that she always creates drama.  Until eventually the creature comes and attacks them.

8 out of 10 stars.  I won’t give away the ending, but it’s poetic.  And yes, you do see the creature several times.


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