The Klingons are back in Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek Discovery

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Star Trek Discovery is the latest in the Star Trek franchise. This time out we’ve gone back to the era pre-Captain Kirk.

The setting is the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. We get to see the 12 Houses of the Klingons and they look pretty scary. If you ask me, they went a little overboard with the prosthetics in making the Klingons. Because the prosthetics are so cumbersome, the actors move and speak very slowly, making them appear sloppy and clumsy. The star of the show is Michael Burnham, the first mutineer of the Federation. Her parents were killed by Klingons and she knows more about fighting them than anyone. But that comes at a cost when she defies her captain and attempts to fire on the Klingons. Her captain takes over, puts her in the brig, and then the entire ship is destroyed. Fast forward years later and the name Michael Burnham is blamed for the war with the Klingons when it was never her fault. At the request of Captain Gabriel Lorca she is brought to his ship and made one of his crew. Lorca has the only spore-driven drive which allows his ship to be anywhere in the universe at any given time. (I’ll let you watch the show to figure out how that works.)

Things we love about the show: Klingons. You have to admit that seeing so many Klingons in one series is pretty neat. Fight scenes. The fight scene in “Vulcan Hello” between Michael and Captain Georgiou against the Klingons is pretty cool. We’d love to see more of those. Tardigrade. Ripper is adorable and looks like a ginormous water bear.

Things we hate about the show: Casting. The actress playing Michael Burnham is the very same of Walking Dead fame. She overacts and it’s quite annoying. The actor playing the scientist/mathematician Stamets is also annoying. Although I’m a fan of Jason Isaacs, he’s looking about 80 and should’ve been replaced with someone younger. The actor playing the doctor is also off-key. It’s okay to be flighty at home, but not on duty.

7 out of 10 stars. Family friendly for ages 10 and up.

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