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Snow Angel (film)

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Snow Angel is a 2007 film about the tragedy surrounding a four year old girl who accidentally drowns.

4 out of 10 stars.  This is watchable, but just barely.

Annie and Glenn Marchand are separated.  He’s an alcoholic and has a history of abuse.  Their four year old daughter Tara lives with Annie and Glenn is trying to clean up his act so he can have visitation with Tara.  The problem is that Glenn still has not given up the booze and he’s still cruel.  (There’s a scene near the end in which he punches Annie to subdue her.)  Annie has no intention of taking Glenn back.  But Glenn is nonetheless stalking her every move.

Annie’s best friend is Barb.  They’re both waitresses at the local Chinese restaurant.  Annie is also sleeping with Barb’s husband Nate.  What Annie doesn’t know is that Nate is also sleeping with a coworker.  He basically sleeps with everyone.

Throughout the film we see Annie’s messed up life.  She struggles to take care of her mother, her daughter, and keep her husband at bay while making minimum wage.  That’s a lot to handle.  When Barb finds out she’s sleeping with Nate, all hell breaks loose and Annie makes a grave mistake.  She takes cold medicine and falls asleep while caring for Tara.  Tara sneaks outside, goes to the lake, and drowns.  Glenn is unable to recover from this and by the end of the film he takes Annie to the lake, kills her, then kills himself.

There’s a side plot with the boy Annie used to babysit who ends up working at the Chinese restaurant with Annie and Barb as a busboy.  He finds Tara’s body in the lake and is devastated by it.  This didn’t really add to the plot, just filled up time.

4 out of 10 stars.  This is watchable, but a very depressing plot.


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