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Small Crimes (film)

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Small Crimes is a 2017 film about an ex-con trying to redeem himself.

0 out of 10 stars. Terrible.

This is a very dark tale about a former cop, Joe, who gets out of prison and finds himself being threatened at every corner. Joe worked for the local mafia led by Manny, but then so does the Police Chief Dan and everyone else in the precinct. His wife has taken off with their two daughters and his parents want nothing to do with him. Meanwhile Manny is ratting out the dirty cops to the feds and Dan is threatening to kill Joe’s parents if he doesn’t eliminate Manny. In the midst of all this, Joe manages to fall for Manny’s nurse and start a new life, one in which he looks for alternative solutions rather than killing.

There were several huge plot holes that made the plot nonsensical.

SPOILER: Apparently there are rival mafia gangs but that’s never really spelled out well. The nurse kills Manny but Joe didn’t ask her to, so why did she do it? Was she working for someone else? The parts about Joe’s parents were also confusing. It seemed like they hated their son because they were ashamed of him and in the end it was Joe’s father who killed him. That was kind of a shocker. Everything finally turned out alright and his father stabbed him to death rather than allow him to see his daughters. But nowhere did anyone ever say he wasn’t a good father. He was just a crappy cop caught in a corrupt precinct. Parents killing their son as an ending? Really? 🙁

0 out of 10 stars. AWFUL.


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