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Signs 2018 Polish series

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Signs is a 2018 Netflix Polish series set in a small town outside of Krakow Poland where they had one of the worst Nazi concentration camps.  They didn’t gas the inmates, they shot them, and since the camp was built on an old Jewish cemetery, they had old and new bodies in the ground which is the basis of this series.

0 out of 10 stars.  Yep, it’s pretty awful.  It moves at a snail’s pace, there are no likable characters, by the end of season 2 there are at least a dozen murderers, and the murders are completely unrelated.  In addition to all that, this is English subtitled and English dubbed but the dubbing does not match the subtitles and the meanings are completely different.  Sloppy series all around.

The first season is primarily about a series of murders of women who are shot twice.  They are unrelated, however.

The first murder involved a trio of teenagers who played a dare game on the railroad tracks near the town.  One person stood on the tracks and one of the other two teenagers would be in charge of lowering his hand, signalling the teenager on the tracks to jump off before being hit by the train.  The one night, the police chief’s son took his turn on the tracks and the mayor’s son was the one holding his hand in the air.  He never lowered it because he was jealous of the police chief’s son’s affections for the third in their group, a pretty girl.  He died and when questioned, the mayor’s son blamed the girl.  The police chief murdered her then covered up the murder.

The second murder occurs almost 20 years later and is completely unrelated.  It involves the mayor and a construction company building near the lake.  They uncover mass graves from the concentration camp and rather than reporting it, which would halt construction, they dump the skeletons in the lake.  There is also Nazi paraphernalia found and one of the men tries selling it with his idiot son.  Like they really need a Nazi lover knocking on their door.  The murder victim was blackmailing the owner of the construction company until his partners got tired of paying and killed her.

Meanwhile, one of the town’s deputies, a devout Catholic, is kidnapping young girls he thinks are “dirty” and holding them captive until he eventually kills them.  He keeps them in a dungeon in the woods and when he is at work, the mentally retarded daughter of the town’s drug dealer (a fake priest) tortures them.  Then they kidnap the new police chief’s daughter.  The real priest figures out where she’s being held (from confession by the deputy who’s doing this) and frees her.  Then her dad murders the deputy and buries him in the woods.

Other murders involve a device the Nazis invented and buried in the same area as the construction site.  It creates a type of wormhole that holds people in place for two weeks then releases them.  Within 24 hours they are dead.  This happens to a couple with a little girl and to several others.  Don’t feel too sorry for the couple, they’re murderers too.  Right before they walk into the wormhole they run over a girl on a bike and dispose of the body.  If they hadn’t been doing that, they wouldn’t have encountered the wormhole.

In another sub plot, a Nazi is protecting the grave of one of the Nazi generals.  He kills everyone who accidentally stumbles upon the grave.

The list goes on, but you get the idea.  It was just dumb.  Dumb acting, dumb plot, dumb sub plots, dumb music, dumb everything.

0 out of 10 stars.  Don’t waste your time.  It’s clear they were trying to copy the series Dark, a German time-traveling series.  The difference is that Dark is better acted, better plotted, better paced, and better done over all.


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