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Share (film)

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Share is a 2019 film about a high school party girl who discovers she was raped while drunk at a party.

0 out of 10 stars. This film sends a terrible message–that it’s okay to rape unconscious women.

Amanda is a basketball player on the high school team and hangs out with her teammates and the boy basketball players. They party hard. In fact, it’s a regular occurrence for Mandy to get drunk, get high, and hook up with guys from her school. Then one morning she wakes up on the lawn and can’t remember what happened the night before. At school, she receives a series of embarassing photos of her half naked out cold on the floor of a bathroom. Then a video is texted to her. In it she’s unconscious and three boys, including her boyfriend AJ, are laughing about having sex with her while she’s “dead”. Since she can’t remember what happened, she confronts AJ who convinces her that nothing happened.

Men seem to have an issue understanding that your subconscious mind remembers everything that happens to your body. Your body remembers everything that happened to it. This is why women who have been raped with rohypnol know right away something bad happened to them even though they can’t remember. They feel it.

When Mandy feels dirty and ashamed and can’t remember the details of what happened to her she becomes angry and withdrawn. She’s aggressive playing basketball and she has bouts of lashing out at her parents. She starts drinking and getting high again and then going to parties. One night she gets drunk and doesn’t answer her parents’ texts, so they pull out her laptop and see the video. They take her to the police.

What follows are several weeks of grueling investigation by the police, harassment from her classmates, harassment from AJ’s dad, harassment from reporters, and Mandy’s removal from school. Her mother even takes her to a therapist who specializes in helping people get blocked memories back. The problem, however, isn’t that her memories aren’t blocked. She was drunk so she has none.

What’s grueling to watch are the moments when she sees her old friends hanging around the boys who did this to her. They’re still friends. No one seems to realize how devastating this was to her. One boy, Dylan, lives next door and has been her friend since childhood. He seems to always be with AJ. Then the police drop all charges against AJ. Her parents talk about moving away so they can start over somewhere else. But Mandy wants to stay.

One night after her father picks her up she tells him she likes having sex with boys, she likes getting high, she likes getting drunk, no one made her do any of those things. And her father has to explain to her that when she is drunk she is unable to give consent and what was done to her was illegal.

Dylan invites her to a party and she lies to her parents to get out of the house. She gets drunk and passes out on the couch. It’s as if she’s learned nothing. A few days later, Dylan sends her a video and a confession. That night he gave her a ride home from the party and in his van he raped her. She deletes the video.

0 out of 10 stars. The message this film is sending is that it’s okay for you to get drunk, get high, and have random sex. It’s also saying it’s okay to rape your friends when they’re unconscious. I’d like to see the writers, producers, and director of this film get hung from their you-know-whats. Because quite obviously a man who doesn’t believe in rape made this film.

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