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Secret State (2012 series)

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Secret State is a 2012 British mini series with four episodes.

0 out of 10 stars.  The first two episodes were pretty good, but by the third episode it became obvious they were simply setting up season 2, so there is no finale, no closure of subplots, and the main plot is left hanging in limbo.  🙁  There was no second season, so viewers must have agreed with me.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain is killed in a plane crash leaving Houston, Texas.  The reason for this crash is that an experimental fuel canister accidentally got dented on the tarmac then exploded midair.  But the petrochemical company, MI6, and the Defense Department of Britain are killing people to cover this up.  Instead, they concoct a story that a Muslim petrochemical engineer on the flight was a spy for Iran who assassinated the Prime Minister.  This gets the Defense Department a bigger budget and MI6 as well.

The new Prime Minister, Tom Dawkins, is a good man.  For four hours he tries to reveal the truth, but what he discovers is that he’s not running Britain; corporations are.

0 out of 10 stars.  Four wasted hours setting up season 2 which was never made.


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