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Secret City Season 2

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Secret City is an Australian series about politics in the Australian capitol city, Canberra.

2 out of 10 stars for Season 2.  Soooo disappointing.

In season 1 reporter Harriet Dunkley uncovers a secret alliance between top members of the Australian government and the Chinese government who are sending assassins into Australia to capture and execute Chinese dissident students.  The saddest part was that the ending was really disappointing.  No one really paid for killing all those students and the men behind the assassination of Harriet’s ex-husband, transgender Kim Gordon, never paid for their crimes.  There was one particular scene in which Kim was strip searched upon returning to work having left without his boss’s permission.  Kim’s boss, an uptight monster who hates everyone, should’ve been arrested for that alone.  He never was.  In this season he’s selling government weapons to terrorists and he gets off this season too. 🙁

Season 2, unfortunately, was even worse.  The story begins with the explosion of a house in the wealthy neighborhood of Adelaide, not that far from one of Parliament’s home, Karen Koutoufides.  In fact Karen knew the family.  So when Harriet is released from her two years in prison for violating their version of the Patriot Act (she reported the truth) Karen hires her as her media aide.  She quickly learns that there are special forces soldiers hanging around Canberra and one of them was at the house immediately after the explosion.  Then she interviews the neighbor teenage boy who was in love with the teenager daughter of the family’s house that was blown up.  He was videotaping his girlfriend when the house exploded and the video shows a missile hitting the house from out of the sky.

She learns that a drone pilot named Cal dropped that missile as a public protest against the bombings in Pakistan.  :0  Yes, that’s right.  She did it on purpose.  In fact she’s murdered 448 people as a drone pilot.

The rest of the season are red herrings, back stabbing, sex with the wrong people, and a side plot about Senator Bailey spying for the Chinese which is eventually uncovered later.  There’s also a side plot about Harriet’s cell mate, an Arab woman who sells guns to terrorists.  I was kind of surprised they tried to make that woman sympathetic.  Guns to terrorists?  Really?

2 out of 10 stars.  Much of the story was fluff or stupid and made for one of the most boring series I’ve ever watched.


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