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Salt (film)

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Salt is a 2010 spy film starring Liev Schreiber and Angelina Jolie.

10 out of 10 stars.  I’m not a fan of Angelina Jolie’s at all, but this is a good film.  It’s a nice revenge flick and a love story all rolled into one.

In the beginning of the film Evelyn Salt is being tortured by North Korean soldiers.  They believe she is a spy (CIA), but she keeps telling them she’s not.  The fact that she survives the torture should tell you they’re right.  Her boyfriend, Mike Krause, a German scientist who studies spiders, is the one who pulls strings to get her released in a prisoner exchange.  And thus begins the real story of this film, the love story between Evelyn and Mike.

Fast forward several years.  Evelyn and Mike are married and live in an apartment in Washington D.C. with their tiny dog and his collection of spiders.  (Try explaining that to your neighbors.)  Evelyn works for the CIA as a desk agent and Mike is still a scientist trying to develop pharmaceuticals from the paralyzing venom of one of his spiders.

On this particular day, Evelyn is in a rush to leave because it’s a special day and she has a gift for Mike.  I don’t remember if it’s his birthday or their anniversary.  Anyway, a Russian defector with cancer walks in and they assign her to interrogate him.  The defector’s name is Orlov and he tells her the story of a little Russian girl who is kidnapped at birth from her parents (who are told their baby died), raised by the state to eight years old, upon which time they performed plastic surgery on her to make her look like a visiting politician’s daughter, Evelyn Salt.  The family was in a car accident and only the child survived.  So it was easy for the Russian government to pretend Evelyn Salt was still alive and substitute this little Russian girl for her.  She returns to the United States where she eventually becomes a spy for the CIA, waiting to be called into duty by her Russian comrades.

Immediately her colleagues suspect Orlov is telling the truth and Evelyn is indeed a Russian sleeper agent.  They lock her in a supply room and she escapes.  Orlov also escapes, having activated Evelyn.  In the interview he told her the sleeper agent was tasked with killing the Russian President who is visiting the funeral of the dead American Vice President.  She goes to her apartment, finds that Mike has been kidnapped, and immediately knows that Orlov has him.  As a Russian agent she was never supposed to get married.  So now she has to convince the Russians she’s their guy so they let her husband go.  She takes venom from his paralyzing spider and gets close to the Russian President, injecting him with the venom.  He immediately collapses and appears dead.  So she is arrested.

She escapes, reunites with Orlov, finds that they’ve killed Mike, and kills them all.  That takes up the rest of the film.

10 out of 10 stars.  They really shouldn’t have killed her husband.  🙂  An excellent revenge flick.



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