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Rings (film)

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Rings is the 2016 third film in the Ring horror film franchise. It’s also the worst.

0 out of 10 stars. I liked The Ring. The Ring 2 was my favorite. This was just awful.

The latest victim of the videotape is a young man who dies in a plane crash. Two years later, his parents sell his stuff, including the VCR with the ring videotape still inside. A disreputable college professor buys that VCR and conducts an experiment with it, encouraging groups of his students to watch the film and then watching to see if they die. Yep, sickening. So the students start looking for other people to show the film to so they don’t die. This is where the film’s protagonists, Holt and Julia, come into play. In Holt’s first week of college he unfortunately comes under the professor’s spell and watches the killer videotape. Afraid he might inadvertently indicate this to his girlfriend Julia he cuts off all contact. But another classmate uses his laptop to contact Julia and then tries forcing her to watch the video. From there on it becomes backstory about the video and how the evil child Samara made it to reach out from the grave and become reborn. Honestly, if you just skip ahead to the last 10 mins, that’s the whole plot right there. It’s not that scary, just very loud in parts. It would’ve been so much better if they had just come up with a better backstory for Samara. This one was lame. Mom’s raped by a priest and she’s buried alive in the walls of a church.

0 out of 10 stars. AWFUL


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