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Q: Into the Storm 2021 series

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Q: Into the Storm is a 2021 HBO series.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is six hours of hate speech.  I wouldn’t recommend it.

Fredrick Brennan was born with several genetic deformities that crippled him from a young age.  He had a great deal of hate toward his parents and found himself on websites that wouldn’t allow him to post hate speech.  So he created a website called 8chan (8ch.net) where anyone could post anything.  He made no restrictions.  Child porn boards, pedophile boards, rape boards, and other boards banned on other sites were perfectly okay with Fred and allowed on 8chan unrestricted.  Until eventually he became sick by the things posted on his site.  Rather than restrict the posting, he sold the site to two men in the Philippines outside of US jurisdiction.

In 2017, he sold it to Jim Watkins and his son Ron Watkins, two Americans living in the Philippines and running several sites that would be illegal in the United States.  From the very beginning, 8chan ran at a loss because advertisers wouldn’t touch them.  Who would advertise alongside pedophile boards, child porn photos and hate speech?  Only Trump and Trump supporters.  So it wasn’t a big surprise when in 2017 an anonymous user named Q began posting hate speech and lies targeting Democrat politicians.  Q soon mobilized his followers into illegal and destructive behavior inside the United States.  #pizzagate was one of these where Q convinced followers that a Washington DC pizza parlor was being used by Democrats to rape children.  A Q follower showed up at the pizza parlor armed with several weapons including an assault rifle and terrorized the staff and guests.  He was arrested by police and jailed.  But Q had gotten what he wanted–hate and a new brand of American terrorism.

Throughout the series it really appears that Ron Watkins aka codemonkey is Q.  He has the same vacant expression as Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy and the same moral compass (nonexistent).  He brags about being antisocial and unaffected by the child porn, pedophile, and rape boards.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is really all you need to know about Q and 8chan, hate.  Hate is the one thing these people have in common.  The people they attack simply changes.  Q has fed them lies and given them an excuse to hate specific people.


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