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Population Zero (2016 film)

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Population Zero is a 2016 found footage film.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is a found footage film and a mockumentary.  In other words, ignore the trailers that say this was a true crime.  It wasn’t.  Shame on Amazon for deleting all the reviews so they could trick people into buying it.  :0

The premise and storyline of this film is that there were supposedly three young men murdered in Yosemite Park by an old white guy who confessed to all three murders (which were pretty gruesome) then walked away without ever being charged because of jurisdictional issues in an area called “limbo triangle” (which does not exist).

Originally there were about 20 reviews on Amazon, all negative, exposing that this was being promoted as true crime when it is actually completely fictional and done badly at that.  Amazon removed those reviews so they could sell the film.  🙁  Bad form, Amazon.

0 out of 10 stars.  Don’t waste your time or money.  It’s pretty awful and stupid.  It actually makes Blair Witch Project look good.


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