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Playing with Transfer Images by Courtney Cerruti

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Playing with Transfer Images  by Courtney Cerruti is an interesting book with five methods of transferring images to other media.

4 out of 10 stars.  I liked the techniques described and they were described carefully, however I didn’t really like any of the projects.  They were washed out collages that looked very amateurish.  When I’ve transferred images and they’ve turned out this badly, I usually toss them, but this author intentionally makes them that way.  Just not my cup of tea.

Methods of Transferring Images


There are 18 projects in this book, all using different combinations of transfer techniques.

  1. Packing Tape Postcard
  2. Fauxlaroids (packing tape transfer)
  3. Photo on Wood (gel skin medium transfer)
  4. Transfers on Sketches (blender pen transfer)
  5. Glass Candle (packing tape transfer)
  6. Microscope Slide Necklace (packing tape transfer)
  7. Photo on Canvas (gel skin medium transfer)
  8. Magnets (blender pen transfer)
  9. Photo Bunting (acetone transfer)
  10. Craft Jar Labels (packing tape transfer)
  11. Photo on Muslin (blender pen transfer)
  12. Photo Gift Wrap (packing tape and blender pen transfers)
  13. Photo on Metal (gel skin medium transfer)
  14. Sketchbook (packing tape and blender pen transfers)
  15. Stationery (blender pen transfer)
  16. Sign (acrylic paint transfer)
  17. Wall Hanging (gel skin medium transfer)
  18. Party Bags (packing tape and blender pen transfers)

4 out of 10 stars.  While I liked the description of techniques they were no projects I found interesting or attractive.  The images transferred looked grainy and dull.  🙁

Reviewed by Betsy.


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