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Perfect World: A Deadly Game (2022 series)

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Perfect World: A Deadly Game is a 2022 series about the murders of a Muslim Toronto family by their young adult son.

5 out of 10 stars.  This is graphic and shows images of the murdered family that the son posted online to his fellow gamers.  That they did nothing to stop him is so disheartening.  They literally did nothing for almost an entire day then scrambled after he sent them pics of the first two family members he murdered.  🙁

This is the story of a Toronto gamer who murdered his entire family while playing Perfect World online. As he was murdering his family he was messaging the other players on an app called Discord and sending them images of his dead family members as he killed them. First his mother, then his grandmother. Seven hours later, he murdered his sister, giving the other gamers only five minutes notice that she was coming home from work, would be there in five minutes, and he was going to murder her too. Half an hour later, he murdered his father too. And he sent photos of his murdered family members, photos of himself with the murder weapons, photos of himself with their bodies behind him, and other deeply disturbing images. Two of the gamers, one in Austin, Texas and one in Egypt had admin privileges and located his IP address to a small area of Toronto. And yet no one called the Toronto police or the FBI. Even though this spanned approximately eight hours. :0 How is that possible?

When they finally decided to get a gamer in Minnesota to call the Toronto police, Menhaz had already murdered his entire family. And the caller gave the Toronto police none of the pertinent information the other gamers had becuase no one had fully briefed him on what to say. They had photos, they had his name, they had his IP address, they had his internet service provider, and they had information about his family. From the photos, his sister still had her work clothes on and her badge. They could’ve given the police that information or called the store themselves. Why didn’t they?????

What is deeply frustrating is that these are reasonably intelligent young adults. Some of them look like they’re in their thirties. One of them has a degree in criminal justice. But they all failed to call the FBI or Interpol then gave a player who knew very little the obligation of calling the Toronto Police. Wtf??? I’m so disappointed in these gamers.

Hours later, Toronto discovers Menhaz lives in Markham, Ontario, just north of Toronto, on Castlemore Avenue. Thank God they know what they’re doing. They arrive at a two-story house and find a young male home. The police wave for him to come outside. Menhaz messages the other gamers that the police are outside, goodbye. Police take him into custody, go upstairs, and find his dead mother, grandmother, sister, and father. Menhaz has no emotion at all. Menhaz was twenty years old.

Sunday, July 28, 2019 was the day of his arrest. After 4 pm.

They interrogated him at 11 pm that evening. He refused a lawyer. He was diagnosed as a family annihilator and malignant narcissist. He needs to be in control. He needs to dictate the terms of his cooperation. So he just sits there not telling them anything except he murdered his family. He considers murdering his family and being arrested as a game.

Three years earlier, Menhaz had told another gamer, Alex, that he was thinking of killing his family. But since Manhaz was a troll, always trying to get a rise out of other gamers, they ignored him. A year before the murders, he came right out and said he was going to kill them. But it was in the middle of his other trolling activities, so no one believed him. Six months before he killed his family, he started posting racist comments about Muslims.

Menhaz told the police he was a slacker, always playing games, and didn’t get good enough grades for college in engineering and that’s what he’d wanted to be. He wouldn’t tell them why he killed his family. He said he got along with them.

This is the message he sent to all the gamers after the murders:

“I’ve been planning this for three years. I started skipping uni the first year it was for mechanical engineering. Believe me, if I could rewind time I would. But after failing half my subjects I had to repeat my courses. It is here in my second semester I started getting depressed, became an atheist and ultimately created this plan. So for three years I’ve been telling my parents I go to uni when actually I was just hanging out at the mall four days a week while also going to the community gym. I told them graduation is July 28th. I literally could not have stalled it any longer. I did this because I don’t want my parents to feel the shame of having a son like me. I believe that this is the only life we get. I know it might sound confusing but what’s done is done and what had been planned is concluded.”

His online persona was a mean-spirited narcissist even though he could have made himself anything he wanted.

He slit his mother and grandmother’s throats. He beat his sister to death with a crowbar. His family were immigrants from Bangladesh. Mehnaz’s uncle in Bangladesh is still grieving the death of his sister, mother, brother-in-law, and niece. He said he never saw this coming.

July 29, 1:29 am stopped questioning. He was questioned for less than three hours.

September 24, 2019, Mehnaz Zaman is 23 when his trial begins. Life sentence. Parole possible after 40 years. The other gamers are angry that he didn’t get the death penalty.

5/10 stars. All the information is here. But I’m so disappointed in the thirty-something year-old gamers there aren’t enough words.

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