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Paper Crafting with Carol Duvall

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Paper Crafting with Carol Duvall is a hefty book filled with interesting paper crafts, most of them cards to give as gifts.

5 out of 10 stars.  If you’re a card person, obviously this book will be more your cup of tea.  I love making cards, but I was looking for a book that showed techniques on working with paper and not so many cards.

My favorite projects were pp 12-15, Woven Paper Cards, made by creating a simple woven paper and then stamping images on it, and pp 82-87, Pretty Pillow Boxes, those cute little boxes you sometimes get jewelry gifts in.  I liked these two projects, but I can’t say I’d use any of the other projects in this book.  There weren’t many techniques.  In fact, one of the projects involves gluing a family photo to the top of a box when decoupaging it to the lid with Modge Podge would’ve worked better, so perhaps someone should teach Carol that technique.

5 out of 10 stars.  Geared toward a paper crafter who loves to make and send homemade cards.  Not much paper crafting.  A better title would’ve been Paper Card Crafting with Carol Duvall.



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