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Our Father (2022 series)

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Our Father is a 2022 Netflix documentary series about Dr. Donald Cline, an Idianapolis, Indiana physician who sexually violated at least 96 of his female patients and impregnated them with his sperm. The local prosecutor, Tim Delaney, refused to charge him with rape or assault and the Indiana Licensing Board refused to revoke his license to practice medicine. To date he has still never been charged and still practices medicine.

10/10 stars. There are some serious technical issues with this series, namely the captions which are illegible and the close captioning which is also bad. But it’s a documentary that everyone should watch.

In 2014, Dr. Jacoba Ballard decided to go on 23andme.com and get her DNA tested to find relatives. The results came back that she had seven half-siblings. At first, she thought this was a mistake. Then she learned that her mother’s GYN doctor had sexually violated her and impregnated her with his sperm which carried serious genetic defects. Suddenly she had an explanation for why she had been sick her entire life and why she had an auto-immune disorder. So did Dr. Donald Cline, her biological father.

Jacoba began researching Dr. Donald Cline and contacted the Attorney General of Indiana, the U.S. Attorney General, the District Attorney, the U.S. Attorney, several news stations, several newspapers, and every other organization she could think of to bring Cline to justice. They ignored her. Then she was watching a news program on Fox News 59, a channel in Indianapolis. It was an investigative report by Angela Ganote. So she sent Angela an email.

Meanwhile, Ancestry has been notifying her of more half-siblings including sibling #14, Julie Himon. She’d also contacted Cline who agreed to meet with her and the other half-siblings to answer their questions. He met with them in a restaurant wearing a gun and before he would answer any of their questions, he interrogated them. It was clear early on in the interrogation that he was proud of what he had done and the professions these people had achieved. He thought it was because of his DNA, when really his DNA had crippled all of these people with serious health issues they’d endured their entire lives, mostly serious auto-immune disorders. He had no remorse.

Sibling #17 was Matt White. His mother said it perfectly, “I was raped 15 times and never even knew it.”

More siblings were found, including Sibling #22 Heather Woock and Sibling #33 Lisa Shepherd-Slidham who actually knew each other through their children. Which brought out an alarming point–all of these victims live within a 25 mile radius and could have ended up inbreeding with each other without even knowing it.

Angela Ganote created a news report on Dr. Donald Cline and what he’d done. Cline threatened her and told her he knew where she lived. Then he began targeting his victims and threatening them too. Someone removed the lug nuts from Jacoba’s car the next day. Someone erased Julie’s entire Google drive data including threatening emails from Cline. Heather received several threatening phone calls from Cline including at least one asking if she wanted to buy a plot to be buried in.

Cline had committed multiple crimes against these women and their children. According to Indiana law, he had raped the mothers and caused physical harm to both mothers and children (battery). But the prosecutors refused to charge Cline for rape or battery. In fact, Ted Delaney, the local prosecutor, called the victims “emotional” and said they were “unrealistic”. Even when they discovered that Dr. Donald Cline was a Nazi and part of a cult called Quiverfull that wanted to impregnate as many women as possible with aryan sperm from white men, preferably blonde haired and blue eyed (like Cline). In fact, in one of the emails Jacoba received she found that a Quiverfull email was cc’d a copy. So it sounds like someone in the prosecutor’s office was part of this cult.

Eventually, Jacoba’s investigation turned up a disturbing crime Dr. Donald Cline had committed in 1963. He was driving recklessly and ran over a four year old girl with his car. Let me say that again. He ran over her and killed her. That was when he joined this cult and began attending church. But he was not repentant at all. His partner says he was ruthless.

Shereen and Mark Farber were Cline’s friends and he was also their doctor. Sibling #61 is their daughter Alison Kramer who inherited the worst of Cline’s genetic diseases along with her children.

Meanwhile, Ancestry.com keeps finding more half-siblings. Sibling #48 Jason Hyatt had over 3,000 hits when he had his DNA tested. They were all a result of being Cline’s biological child. He too has an auto-immune disorder and many of the disabling genetic diseases he inherited from Cline. Sibling #53 Carrie Foster also has an auto-immune disorder.

When Dr. Donald Cline finally admits that he committed these terrible acts, he claims that he was healthy. That’s another lie. He was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when he was young and he impregnated all these women when he was an old man. The procedure was that he would make them get naked and cover them on the exam table with a thin sheet then he would go in the very next room, masturbate, ejaculate, return to the patient’s room, and injected his sperm into their vaginas. This is the most disgusting depraved thing to do to a patient. It is a sexual act and a sexual violation. But the entire state of Indiana treated it like a harmless lie. All of the mothers involved feel like they’ve been sexually violated and raped. The children, who have endured debilitating diseases their entire lives are deeply traumatized, knowing they are related to this depraved man.

On December 9, 2019, Dr. Phil aired a show with some of the half-siblings. That revealed even more half-siblings. To date it is 96.

10/10 stars. Clearly Indiana is a state as backward in women’s rights as Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas. Don’t live there.


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