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Open Water 2 Adrift

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Open Water 2 Adrift is a 2006 horror film.

7 out of 10 stars. Very watchable. No sharks, just really dumb people with the wrong friends.

This isn’t a shark film. That was Open Water 1.

This is the story of four friends who are invited to the yacht of an old friend. Only the guy is a jerk and irresponsible. They arrive and he has a young bimbo with him who traipses around the yacht practically naked. Then the bimbo wants to swim.

One of the friends is a young mother with an infant. She almost drowned as a child so she’s terrified of the water and wears a life vest the whole time. Then irresponsible jerk refuses to let her stay on the yacht, picks her up and jumps in the water with her. She becomes catatonic.

And they also have a major problem because irresponsible jerk forgot to release the ladder so there is no way to get back on the boat. :0 Such a simple thing and yet these idiots didn’t bother checking before they went swimming. Honestly with the mom on the boat they were pretty safe until she got tossed in.

One by one they die of stupid accidents which are completely plausible with people who’ve been drinking alcohol, go swimming, then are in the cold water for hours.

This is one of those films you don’t forget. It belongs in the Darwin Awards even though it’s fictional. 😉

7 out of 10 stars. Great for an evening in.

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