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One 2021 series

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The One is a 2021 Netflix series that’s uber creepy.

2 out of 10 stars  Very slow.  They should’ve made this a two hour movie, not a six hour series.  There’s no actual science and way too many murders.

Rebecca Web is a geneticist and James Whiting is her college friend and business partner.  I think he’s a biochemist, but that’s never explained.  The two of them come up with a way to find a person’s love match through DNA markers.  This, of course, is never explained and what little they describe is really far-fetched and not based in science at all.  Anyway, they need to test it, but have no major DNA database, so Rebecca and James steal the credentials of Rebecca’s roommate and lover Ben Naser to access a national confidential DNA database using his security clearance.  He immediately loses his job and has no idea who hacked him.

Rebecca and James use the DNA database to find Rebecca’s match, who turns out to be a Portuguese surf shop owner named Matheus.  They fall madly in love with each other, but when she asks Matheus to come with her to England, he refuses because of his younger addict brother.

In order to prove the matching works, Rebecca goes public with the first match, her match, only she hires a guy to be her fake husband (he’s actually gay).  They go public and their company becomes a worldwide phenomena making them billions of pounds.  That’s when the problems begin because when you found your public company on so many secrets they will eventually come out.

But there are also terrible results from the matching taking over the world:

  1. Divorces skyrocket.  This gets the attention of a British politician who wants to shut them down.  Rebecca blackmails her into supporting their company by threatening to match her only daughter with a homicidal addict.
  2. Extramarital affairs skyrocket.  Many people, not willing to throw their marriages away and destroy their families decide to simply keep their matches as their permanent lovers.  This is what Rebecca eventually does when Matheus reenters her life.  It leads to multiple murders to cover her secrets.
  3. People send in DNA for other people.  For the people unwilling to send in their DNA, they have friends and spouses who send in their DNA on their behalf with disastrous results.  For example, Hannah sends in her husband’s DNA, learns his match, then befriends her, hoping to become more like her to make her husband even happier.  Instead, he begins an affair with his match until his wife becomes pregnant.  This destroys his match’s life.  So she sends in Hannah’s DNA to destroy their marriage.
  4. Murders skyrocket.  Because the “science” behind the matching are DNA markers that manifest themselves in rises in estrogen and testosterone when the matches are together, they become more violent and murders skyrocket.  There’s a reason that testosterone is called the rage hormone.
  5. People completely uproot their lives and move resulting in job loss and deserted children.
  6. You can match with more than one person, including siblings.  This happens when the lesbian cop who is investigating Ben’s murder matches to a Spanish woman and her brother.

Eventually Matheus decides he wants to live with Rebecca and shows up at her flat only to meet Ben.  Then Ben realizes that Rebecca and James were the ones who hacked his credentials and got him fired.  They kill him to protect their secret and this begins a murder investigation that almost takes down their company.

2 out of 10 stars.  Too many truly vile things happen in this series.   Rebecca is responsible for killing Ben, Matheus, Matheus’s brother, and half a dozen other people by the end.  Why are we promoting homewrecking, extramarital affairs, murder, and corporations that intentionally destroy families???

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