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Omen (2006)

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The Omen is a 2006 remake of the horror film of the same name.  Remember the original with Lee Remick and Gregory Peck?  This one is just as scary and updated with new technology.

10 out of 10 stars.  Sit down with a bowl of popcorn and get ready to get scared.

Robert Thorn is a diplomat stationed in Italy with his pregnant wife Kathy.  She is rushed to a local Catholic hospital and when Robert arrives he’s told by the head priest that their son was stillborn.  Grief-stricken, he’s easy prey for the satanic priest who suggests that Robert take a newborn boy whose teenage mother died in childbirth as his own son.  Robert does this to protect Kathy who doesn’t know their son died.  Big mistake.  This isn’t any ordinary child.  It’s Satan’s child.

The first five years of Damien Thorn’s life are uneventful.  Then he comes of age, according to the satanic followers who’ve been waiting for this day.  Now Damien is ready to be trained.  On his fifth birthday, at his huge birthday party (his parents are now stationed in England), his young nanny hangs herself saying, “It’s all for you, Damien.”  Damien isn’t traumatized.  In fact, he barely notices.  Kathy interviews new nannies and promptly hires the uber creepy Mrs. Baylock, played by Mia Farrow of Rosemary’s Baby fame.  She brings a rottweiler into the house to protect Damien and begins poisoning him against his parents.

The Omen 2005 film review | Book Addicts
The Omen 2006: with a nanny like this you have some serious problems


Two men contact Robert, warning him that his son is not normal.  The first is a priest who was there at the hospital when Damien was born.  He tells Robert that Damien’s mother was a jackal and that he is the son of Satan.  Robert doesn’t believe him until after he dies.

The Omen 2005 film review | Book Addicts
The Omen 2006: God doesn’t like Satan worshippers on hallowed ground


The second man to contact Robert is a photographer who’s been following him in England.  He has photos of the nanny before she hanged herself and in the photos, taken by three different cameras, she has a noose around her neck.  He’s taken photos of the priest and the priest has a spear through him.  And the worst part is the photographer accidentally got an image of his reflection and his head was being cut off.  So he’s very scared.  Robert doesn’t believe him either until, you guessed it, his head is chopped off.  So this movie is not for the faint of heart, but not overly graphic either.

Without giving away too many spoilers, Robert journeys to Italy, finds the priest who swapped the babies, and discovers his son’s grave.  He wasn’t stillborn.  His head was bashed in by the priest so the satanic cult could swap babies.  :0

The Omen 2005 film review | Book Addicts
The Omen 2006: imagine finding out five years later your child wasn’t stillborn, but murdered


While Robert is trying to find his son, Kathy is dealing is a psychotic Damien who knocks her off the third floor balcony.

The Omen 2005 film review | Book Addicts
The Omen 2006: Mrs. Thorn still falls from the third floor balcony in this remake :0


10 out of 10 stars.  Free on STARZ for Halloween.  Love the remake, just as scary as the original, but much more current.


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