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No Place To Hide: The Rehtaeh Parsons Story (2015 film)

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No Place to Hide is a 2015 documentary on the gang rape and suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

10/10 stars.  Well done, but listening to the idiot parents was frustrating.  They failed their daughter.

When Rehtaeh Parsons started high school she was excited.  Then she made a new friend who took her to a party where they plied her with vodka and gang raped her.  The guys filmed it.

The following Monday the guys who gang raped her went to school, passed around the video, and called her a slut.  In the photo/video they circulated, Rehtaeh was puking out the window and a guy was raping her.  Clearly she was unable to give consent.

Police did nothing.  They made Rehtaeh give her statement twice–both times for more than 10 hours each.  Then they investigated Rehtaeh as though she was the criminal and not the victim.  None of the 4 young men who raped her were even questioned.  The investigator was a woman who said “I don’t have to tell you anything.”  She didn’t even go after the guy sending out the rape video to the entire school.

Rehtaeh suddenly found herself with no friends, no school, and constantly being bullied everywhere she went.  Girls were bullying her to extremes, telling her she should just kill herself.  After her second nervous breakdown, Rehtaeh’s parents finally checked her into a hospital.  The male hospital staff stripped her naked and locked her in a room.  She was in effect violated a second time.  She was kept in that room for five weeks during which time the male staff bullied her and sexually harassed her.  She was suicidal when she left.

The police closed her case.  The Crown Prosecutor refused to charge the men who raped her for rape or for distributing child pornography (in sending out the video of the rape).

Rehtaeh finally locked herself in the bathroom and hanged herself.

Her mom wrote a FaceBook post on Rehtaeh’s page about her death.  A person named Anonymous responded by threatening to release the names of the rapists to the public.  One of the rapists contacted the mom and begged for her help.  He eventually posted a long FaceBook post in which he told the entire story.  As a result, RCMP reopened the case because of Anonymous, not the confession.  Two men were charged with child porn, not rape.

Rehtaeh was 15 years old when she was raped and 17 when she died.  She endured this for almost two years.

Novia Scotia has the worst conviction rate for rape in all of Canada.  They simply refuse to charge men for rape so rapists flock there by the thousands.

Someone put up a FaceBook page mocking Rehtaeh’s suicide.  It was the sister of one of the rapists (the rapist who had posted a photo online of him raping Rehtaeh).  That same rapist sent Rehtaeh’s dad death threats which the police ignored.

Bill C-13 was passed in response to Rehtaeh’s case.  It turns harassment into a crime and covers revenge porn.

One of the saddest things about this case was that her rapists and their families were openly harassing her on FaceBook and Google.  It took them 8 months to respond to the FBI warrant for the names of these individuals.  Shame on you FaceBook.  Shame on you Google.

10/10 stars.  Wish they would have listed the rapists’ names and the sister who made vile FaceBook posts plus the girlfriend who took Rehtaeh to that party and tlet them gang rape her.  They are ALL guilty.


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