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Night Sky (2022 series)

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Night Sky is a 2022 Argentinian series with eight one-hour episodes.

0 out of 10 stars.  Most of this series (80%) is set in Argentina with unknown, inexperienced actors speaking Spanish, so unless you want to read subtitles for 8 hours, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to watch this.  But the subplot with Sissy Spacek and J K Simmons was also rather dumb and misleading.  They over advertised this series and made it appear like a science fiction series.  It’s not.  There’s no science, no outer space, nothing, nada.  Lame.

This is about a religious cult in Argentina that maintains a series of underground shelters that serve as teleportation portals to different cities across the planet.  It is implied that these were set up by visiting aliens 200 years ago (1723), but then it never goes anywhere.  If anyone tries leaving the cult, cult assassins hunt them down and kill them.  If anyone discovers one of these underground sites, the cult assassins hunt them down and kill them.  The main story is about a cult assassin who introduces her teenage daughter to her new job–killing innocent people.

The side story is about an elderly couple (Franklin and Irene) in a small town in rural Illinois that have one of these teleportation portals under their shed.  If you’ve seen the viewing deck on a Star Trek Next Generation episode that’s what this looks like.  So they assume it’s a portal to an alien planet.  It’s not.  It’s a doorway to a dry desert near a city in Argentina where this cult is popular.  They find this out in the last few minutes of the last episode.  Big let down.  Anyway, they both have medical problems which takes up most of this subplot’s plot and one evening Irene decides to go through the portal to see what’s on the other side.  She leaves a suicide note for Franklin and opens the door.  Out steps an Argentinian man shot and covered in blood.  So they nurse him back to health.  By the end of the eight hours, the cult assassins have found him and prepare to kill everyone.  But the teenage girl turns on them and stops them.  End of story.  Underwhelming.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is an incomplete story.  I’m really not sure how they got Sissy Spacek or J K Simmons on board, but I’ll be cautious to watch anything again with either of those actors.  They must have IRS problems.


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