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Nation Magazine

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The Nation magazine is one of the oldest published news magazines, supposedly.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is not news and there were no facts.  Extremely disappointing.

In 2013 Rupert Murdoch, a racist sexist white Australian billionaire, formed 21st Century Fox, a news media corporation, and began buying up all of the news media.  In 2015 he added The National Geographic Magazine to his list and immediately began publishing articles denying climate change.  Overnight, a beloved magazine became a Republican tabloid.  One of the few magazines to survive and supposedly remain independent was The Nation MagazineUnfortunately, the magazine issues I’ve read were all bloat and fluff, geared to make the magazine look liberal when it’s actually supporting some extremist right wing groups and some extremist groups that appear liberal when in fact they are perpetuating racism in schools (e.g. the teacher’s lobby and the teacher’s union).

Most of the writers for The Nation are overly educated, pompous white people who are in love with their writing and used to writing political sound bites rather than fact-based news in straightforward language. That makes their articles virtually worthless.

Let’s use the latest issue as an example (Mar 22/29, 2021).  This issue is a “Parenting” issue supposedly, but the magazine contains articles on the children of criminals and addicts and how those parents would be better off returned to care for their children.  And what about their victims?  Is having a child a free pass to commit crimes?  These articles comprise 95% of this issue’s content.  This is not about a parenting.  It’s about parents who commit crimes.  The focus is entirely on black children and speaks of their struggle in foster care and a biased educational system that favors white children. That biased educational system is created by one of the most powerful and destructive lobbyist organizations in this country, the teacher’s lobby.  It is primarily paid for by the teacher’s union.  So what article does the magazine run in the other 5% of the issue?  An article glorifying the teacher’s union, which promotes racist and sexist agendas and gives the power for education to an elite few who are primarily white who campaign religiously to take away children’s rights and parents’ rights in public schools.

On the Pacific Coast, children as young as ten are forced to put condoms on bananas in sexually explicit sex education course designed by Planned Parenthood and shoved down school districts throats by the powerful teacher’s union and teacher’s lobby.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg in a Draconian education system that gives parents no rights over their children’s education.

Where are the news articles on COVID, the BIDEN agenda, denied unemployment claims, denied COVID assistance claims, inadequate stimulus payments, homeschooling our children, and other topics crucial to our current society?  They’re not there.  🙁

0 out of 10 stars.  So disappointing.  I’d love to see who writes the paychecks for this staff.  The good news is that the magazine is made of untreated paper, so you can use it as kindling.




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