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Monstrous 2020 film

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Monstrous is a 2020 horror film about a sasquatch (bigfoot) creature.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is a film that’s not about sasquatch.  He plays a very minor role.  It’s really about a lesbian serial killer stalking the Midwest and killing young women.

Alex is a lesbian who lives in Adirondack Park near the lair of a local sasquatch.  She’s a photographer without a car and often uses an Uber-like app to get rides to her gigs across the Midwest.  In the opening scene, she is seen with another woman, her driver, who accidentally hit sasquatch’s mate (a female) and leaves her to die.  That really does nothing to further the plot except to set up a kind of hatred the sasquatch has specifically directed at Alex.  When the two women run for Alex’s house being chased by the sasquatch, Alex mercilessly leaves the driver to the sasquatch who kills her.

Three years later, Jamie and Sylvia are close friends.  The third friend of their Three Musketeers, Dana, disappeared and the police have no leads except for “Alex” who she drove to Adirondack Park.  Then Jamie comes across the same ad.  Alex needs a driver again and he’s volunteered to take her.  Of course at this point, Jamie and Syliva think Alex is a man, not a woman.  Jamie wants Sylvia to drive behind them in case Alex tries killing him.  She shows up at the rendezvous but Jamie begs off because he’s violently ill from something he ate (lame).  She figures it’s a woman so she’s safe.  She takes Jamie’s place and drives Alex from Lansing, Michigan to Adirondack Park somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains near the coast.

Already the story is really lame.  It’s more of a lesbian love story as that takes up 90% of the film.  Sylvia is also a lesbian and they begin a torrid sexual relationship until they reach Adirondack Park and Sylvia conveniently discovers a treasure trove of videotapes of Alex murdering her lesbian lovers, her Uber drivers including Dana.  Then Sylvia discovers Alex’s latest victim, Molly, tied up in the basement and frees her.

All of this silliness culminates in the ending in which Alex kills Molly, the sasquatch kills Alex, and Sylvia and Jamie survive hopefully a little smarter than they were before.

0 out of 10 stars.  This was really dumb and not watchable.  I would like my two hours back. And some eye bleach.




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