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Monster (series)

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Monster is a 2017 Norwegian series about a serial killer loose in a small town in Norway.

5 out of 10 stars.  This is a very watchable series (even though it’s all subtitles), but it does get frustrating at times because there are soooo many subplots, too many in fact.

Thirty years ago, three teenage girls who lived in a religious cult set fire to a school and killed a two year girl named Ina.  Her parents eventually figure out two of the teenage girls who set the fire so they kidnap and murder them.  Afterward, their sister-in-law discovers what they’ve done and they kill her too.  Then they frame one of their friends for the teenage girls’ murders.  Fast forward thirty years later and a teenage girl named Tyra somehow figures all of this out (they never explain how) so the son of the murderers kills her to protect his parents.  Here’s the kicker.  This murderous couple, when they murdered their sister-in-law, left alive her five year old daughter Hedda as a witness. Fortunately for them, she forgot everything.  Thirty years later, Hedda is a police detective and investigating Tyra’s murder.  What draws people in and makes them endure seven hours of television is the way in which Tyra’s body is displayed.  She’s naked in an open grave with what appears to be a cats cradle above her.  It’s as if she’s been posed.  That makes everyone, including the viewer, think cult or serial killer.

Subplots include the other detective, Dewey, accidentally kills a 17 year old girl who is in the woods hunting without a high visibility vest.  Dewey is chasing the main suspect and shoots her by mistake.  She dies instantly and he frames the suspect for her murder which later gets that suspect killed.  :0

Another subplot is a local drug ring run by Tyra’s best friend’s mother.

Another subplot is about the Chief of Police and his extra martial affair which resulted in a child.

Another subplot is the ongoing animosity between Hedda and Dewey because he’s a drug addict and she caught him doing drugs, but he switched the urine samples so everyone thinks she made it up.

Another subplot is the daughter of the cult leader who is slowly becoming unhinged and eventually sets fire to the entire village the cult lives in.

5 out of 10 stars.  This should’ve been a three hour series, not seven hours.  The subplots were unnecessary and didn’t add to the story at all.  This series is considered Nordic Noir.



  1. Joseph Lesinsky

    I watched this series last night and thought I was a bit thick for not understanding bits of it, so it was helpful to find this summary matches what I thought the storyline was. I agree the narrative was very complex though I think the overall point is that all the principal people had their links to the main theme. All of the characters were a bit weird in one way or another…. Look out for the scene where two old men have a naked fight in the snow…I was entertained nonetheless. So if you have a spare 7 hours, go for it!

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