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Miss Sloane

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I love clever films, especially ones that use clever woman.  This is one of those.

Elizabeth Sloane is a powerful lobbyist in Washington DC working for the most powerful lobbying firm in Washington DC.  That all changes when the representative of gun manufacturers want her to fight a small lobbying firm on a gun bill that would require pre-screening for registered guns.  She believes in the bill.  However, no one seems to believe she can have an opinion unless she knows a victim of a shooting.  That makes her angry.  So she takes all of her staff, minus one, to the small lobbying firm who crafted the bill and joins their ranks.

From that point on, she has three aces up her sleeve.  The first, one of the lobbyists in that small firm was a survivor of the Bloomington High School massacre.  The second, she’s been courting powerful women in powerful positions to get their female membership to vote for the bill and donate $15 million to its campaign.  The third, she’s setting herself up to be brought before a Senate Subcommittee on ethics charges as a way to entrap the lead Senator as well as her old lobbying firm on tampering charges.  That’s what makes the film brilliant.  She was always ten steps ahead of her opponents.  Even the people who worked for her had no clue.

10 out of 10 stars.

Reviewed by Erin.

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