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Messenger (1999)

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The Messenger is a 1999 film by Luc Besson starring Milla Jovovich, who was his wife at the time.

0 out of 10 stars.  Luc Besson had a huge hit with The Fifth Element, but this film was garbage.   Joan of Arc was portrayed as a schizophrenic rather than a saint sent by God.

This film covers the three battles in France during the Hundred Years’ War with Joan of Arc, but does it poorly.  There’s no narrative to describe what’s going on and it jumps around a lot.  From the time she was a child, Joan heard the voice of God and, frankly, there’s no other explanation for her success in battles because she was inexperienced and they were way outnumbered.  But throughout the film she behaves like a crazy person who is both stupid and slow.  She was neither of those things.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is probably Milla Jovovich’s worst role and she divorced Besson immediately after it was released.  As for Besson, he chose bizarre scenes to incorporate into this film which contributed to its failure.  Pass on this one.

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