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Men Who Hate Women by Laura Bates

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Men Who Hate Women by Laura Bates is a book about men who hate women (duh).

0 out of 10 stars.  This could have been a great book, but it focuses solely on the haters and makes you hate them rather than providing solutions, causes, statistics, or facts.  A lot of her writing uses intentionally offensive words to shock you.  So really it’s a shock piece. 

The most offensive part of this book is the introduction which is written by the author, Laura Bates.  It’s one long hate-filled rant, completely inappropriate for any type of scholarly work.  So don’t view this book as scholarly at all.

The first chapter is on “in-cels”.  These are middle class white male tech engineers who consider themselves “involuntary celibate” and publish blogs on hating women.  They blame women for everything and advocate the rape of children and babies (sickening) as well as the violent rape and murder of women.  The author takes you into the sickest part of the Dark Web without any warning of what she’s about to tell you and once you read it, you can’t un-read it.

This book should come with a warning so you know it has graphic material.

After the first chapter I found myself skimming because, honestly, I was afraid of being inundated with more graphic material that I didn’t want to hear.  I also found her language so offensive.  Eventually I just stopped and returned it to Barnes and Noble.  I can’t support a writer like this.

0 out of 10 stars.  I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone.  It’s a shock piece.  She starts by using the phrase “fragile white woman” and it goes downhill from there.


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